Lyrics: Lazy Hazy Crazy

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Lazy Hazy Crazy by SOUND HOLIC
Featured in:
Flower Buster

It's the world works so hard It's the world works too much You're just living in such a crazy world On the way to the end You're close to the end Oh, foolish guy, you are!!

(※1) These days, cause of death, Suicidal works kill time and time again I'm so busy to ferry them across When can I take break time?

(※2) Won't you give up your work, or give up your life Oh, you can choose the way you wanna go now Hey, give up your work, it's the hardest enjoyin' life of yours 'Cuz the work I must do, it'd depend on your death Never enlarge my work anymore Sorry, but, I just don't worry 'bout your little happy life.

(※3) Reality <> Insanity

I don't want to work more Now I want to sleep more I'm bored to see the dark face people now Want a lazy day more Want a hazy day more How wonderful, the life

* Repeat (※1)(※2)

* Repeat (※1)(※2) * Repeat (※3)