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MY Heart Rate by 森羅万象
Original Romanized Translation

(heart rate 理想と現実 作り出す Gap が押し寄せる 心と真実 押し殺すtenderness no limit だったとしても 弾けない吐き出せない 小さく響かせる message) only my heart で

(heart rate risou to genjitsu tsukuridasu Gap ga oshi yoseru kokoro to shinjitsu oshi korosu tenderness no limit datta to shite mo hikenai hakidasenai chiisaku hibikaseru message) only my heart de

(Heart rate, Ideals and reality create gaps and they close in. My heart and reality stifle tenderness. No limits. Even if that’s true, I can’t shout or spit out that small, reverberating message) Only in my heart.

強がったって 飛び越えないDiscontent なんだかんだ言って 同じような朝がくるんだ

tsuyo gattatte tobi koenai Discontent nanda kanda itte onaji you na asa ga kurunda

Though I act tough, I can’t leap over this discontent. I say something or other and the same kind of morning arrives.

あの頃に描いていたfreeなんて どこにあるの? 忘れてく理想 in my dream

ano goro ni kaite ita free nante doko ni aru no? wasureteku risou in my dream

I imagined freedom back then but where is it? I forget my ideals in my dream.

ねぇ、心の声だけ どっと圧迫マリオネットAh, ah もう、追いつかないぐらいxみんな みんな 構ってちゃんチャンバラRun 求められてることだったって わかってるけどもっとmy good day ねぇ、どうして?ねえ、どうして? 手に入れたいの静かなone day Ah…

nee, kokoro no koe dake dotto appaku marionetto Ah, ah mou, oitsukanai gurai minna min’na kamattechan chanbara Run motome rare teru koto dattatte wakatteru kedo motto my good day nee, doushite? nee, doushite? te ni ireta i no shizukana one day Ah…

Hey, only my heart’s voice is an acupuncture marionette. Ah, ah. I can’t even keep up anymore. Everybody! Everyone sword fights with the attention-seekers. Run. I knew that I was being sought out but still, it was my good day. Hey, why is it? Hey, why is it? I want to gain one silent day. Ah…

攫って幻の世界から 飲み込まれそうだ Can’t get over there Yeah … 穿って 歪んで You got it 絡まってく Ah… 逆らえないのlame

saratte maboroshi no sekai kara nomikomare sou da Can’t get over there Yeah… ugatte yugande You got it karamatteku Ah… sakaraenai no lame

Abducted from a world of illusions, It was like I had been swallowed up. Can’t get over there. Yeah… I dig it up and it’s twisted. You got it. We become tangled up. Ah… I can’t disobey. I’m lame.

寄ってたかってEh, eh 天邪鬼だってEh, eh どうのこうの言うならお賽銭もっと入れてっ いつまでも同じこと言ってEh, eh つまらないDon’t let me down (Don’t know nothing, Don’t let me down)

yotteta katte Eh, eh amanojaku datte Eh, eh douno kouno iu nara wo saisen motto iretette itsu made mo onaji koto itte Eh, eh tsumaranai Don’t let me down (Don’t know nothing, Don’t let me down)

You gang up on me. Eh, eh. You call me a contrarian. Eh, eh. You tell me to donate if I’m going to say this and that. You keep saying the same things. Eh, eh. How boring. Don’t let me down. (Don’t know nothing, don’t let me down.)

Oh… どこまでいっても わかんない そんな無理難題ならAh,ah 大爆発的なのでいいんじゃない? (いいんじゃない?) Ah どれだけやっても going to leave 諦めが肝心なことだって ねぇ、どうして?ねえ、どうして? 結局のとこなんとかなるじゃん (So lonely lonely day)

Oh… doko made itte mo wakannai sonna muri nandai nara Ah, ah dai-bakuhatsu tekina no de ii n janai? (ii n janai?) Ah dore dake yatte mo going to leave akirame ga kanjin’na koto datte nee, doushite? nee, doushite? kekkyoku no toko nanto ka narujan (So lonely lonely day)

Oh… no matter how far I go, I don’t understand. As for those unreasonable demands, ah, ah… Aren’t they fine because they’re so explosive? (Aren’t they fine?) Ah. No matter how long I’ve done it, I’m going to leave. After all giving up and accepting things is so important. Hey, why is it? Hey, why is it? In the end, I’ll manage somehow. (So lonely, lonely day.)

でも君がいるなら… 攫って 繰り返しの世界から ほんの少しなら I’ll give it a try. oh Yeah … 夢で 言うなんて You made it 逆らいたいや Ah… どれが本当のflame

demo kimi ga iru nara… saratte kurikaeshi no sekai kara honno sukoshi nara I’ll give it a try. oh Yeah… yume de iu nante You made it sakarai tai ya Ah… dore ga hontou no flame

But if you’re by my side… I’ll abduct you from a repeated world. If it’s only a little bit, I’ll give it a try. Oh yeah… In a dream, to think you’d say something like “You made it.” I want to disobey. Ah… which is my true flame?

ねえ、心の声がね 呼びかけてくる “真実” Ah, ah 飲み込まれないようにって 絡み合ってなんで?なんで?なんで? heart rate止められない 君だってheart rate お揃いね

nee, kokoro no koe ga ne yobikakete kuru “shinjitsu” Ah, ah nomikomare nai you ni tte karamiatte nande? nande? nande? heart rate tomerarenai kimi datte heart rate o-soroi ne

Hey, the voice of my heart is calling out the truth. Ah, ah. It’s telling me to take care not to be swallowed up. We tangle together but why? Why? Why? My heart rate can’t be stopped. Even your heart rate is the same as mine.

攫って幻想の世界から 飲み込まれたくない Can get over there Yeah… 穿って 歪んで You got it 立ち尽くすんだ Ah… これが本当のflame Only my heart

saratte gensou no sekai kara nomikomaretaku nai Can’t get over there Yeah… ugatte yugande You got it tachitsukusu nda Ah… korega hontou no flame Only my heart

Kidnapped from a world of illusions, I don’t want to be swallowed up. I can get over there. Yeah… I dig it up and it’s twisted. You got it. I’ll stand still. Ah… This is my real flame. Only my heart.

春の夢は いつか弾け 足りないものを探した 手をとって 攫って 君がくれた世界へと 止められない真実へのheart rate それがきっとonly

haru no yume wa itsuka hajike tarinai mono wo sagashita te wo totte saratte kimi ga kureta sekai e to tomerarenai shinjitsu e no heart rate sore ga kitto only

Your dream will someday snap. I searched for something I lacked. I take your hand and kidnap you, heading to the world you gave me. As it reacts to the truth, I can’t stop my heart rate. That must be only—

(攫って幻想の世界から) my heart rate それがずっと only (理想と現実作り出す Gapが押し寄せる) my heart rate (心と真実押し殺す tenderness) 逆らえないのlame

(saratte gensou no sekai kara) my heart rate sore ga zutto only (risou to genjitsu tsukuridasu Gap ga oshi yoseru) my heart rate (kokoro to shinjitsu oshi korosu tenderness) sakaraenai no lame

(Kidnapped from a world of illusions…) My heart rate will always be only— (Ideals and reality create gaps, and they close in.) My heart rate. (My heart and reality stifle tenderness.) I can’t disobey. I’m lame.

Lyrics source: Romanized by Petalite Yuu
Translation by Releska