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M other by ShinRa-Bansho
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M other
Additional Info
  • Shinra-bansho comment: Certainly, they are not related by blood, but we think they shared a definite bond, like that between a mother and daughter. Because of this, I placed a space between ‘M’ and ‘other.’ It should be read as ‘Mother.’
  • Promotional Video: niconico vide (requires account)

I want to spend my days in this happy paradise forever Feeling the warmth of our hands, tied together.

Aah, before I knew it I had overtaken you, in the sky of those days. You stroked my cheek, and I felt your warmth— Your hands were always so big…

So I cried. Though I was always so selfish, You tenderly drew me close. I was awkward and adorable, And I couldn’t see what you did for me during those days. My feelings are still strong, even now. I embrace my unfading memories. Now, let’s go!

When I was a child, I held something so ordinary, But you told me it was a treasure. I won’t forget— My important things are right by my side. I will happily walk upon my path From here on. These are my fantastic days in paradise!

Aah, I was told that I had become A little more grown-up But I couldn’t do anything before that child. My outstretched right-hand swam around.

I felt that the uneasy face of that child, Who couldn’t say anything at all, Resembled mine from those days.

Yes. Only my body has become an adult. My heart is like a child’s. I look through myself and fly through the sky. Try and remember… My important things are always by my side. A gust of wind blew upon me As I looked up at the sky, Thinking I was all alone…

Back then, I just cried And through just crying, I couldn’t do anything. But you tenderly hugged me And you always, always Cried together with me.

I don’t need words. If there’s warmth, Then my feelings will certainly Reach you heart I want to convey all of the love That pierces through me, your mother, Directly to you…

I became an adult, and I felt like I began to lose something important. I won’t forget that you’re right here. Have I become like you were during those days? Now, I just continue towards tomorrow With that childish warmth Running along my right hand. Oh yeah!

Those beautiful days in paradise…

Lyrics source: Translation by Releska