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"Welcome to the Scarlet Mansion. There is no turning back now. Make your choice, live or die..."

There is a secret attraction Everyone get the addiction People who've ever seen, they're not here anymore Oh, sorry, won't you forget what I have just said?

How many times have you come here? Is it first time? Yes, I know it Everyone is the one, who comes only one time Oh, baby, never ask me why!

(1) Everywhere is the haunted mansion Enter this scarlet faction Wheels of your cart, they close to the end Get a, Get a, Getaway! Hurry, Hurry, Hurry up! Welcome to the abyss on a roundabout

(2) Dance away, Show up tonight ♪ Crazy Parade of bloody love ♡ My fang aim for you, You're the game of my fang Aha, Good-night ☾ Good-night ☾ Good-bye ☾ The end of your life ☠

Play away, Party tonight ♪ Eerie Parade.. The whole world nightmare jus' sparks ☆ Why are you frightened so much? C'mon. Good boy. Good boy. Scapegoat boy I love you so...

How do you feel this attraction? Have you got a cool sensation? People who've ever seen, maybe they feel like dance Oh sorry, I can't make sure how they felt the time

While ago, why d'you be quiet? I want you just to enjoy here You know you are the one "the only 1-time guest"? Oh, Baby, don't be scared so much

Repeat (1) Repeat (2)

"Hurry back. Hurry back. I hope you decide to join us. We've been dying to have you..."

Repeat (2)

My scapegoat boy, for bloody love, my scapegoat boy... My scapegoat boy, for bloody love, my scapegoat boy...