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Lyrics: Starscraper

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Starscraper by hatsunetsumiko's
Additional Info
  • A karaoke version was released in eclipse I (track 9).
  • A re-arranged version named Starscraper (MZC Moving Inversion Electro Mix) was released in Re:Distance & A Blossom (track 4).
  • Another re-arranged version named Starscraper (T.V. Nu Cool Bossa Mix) was released in Coda (track 5).

baby, why are you shinin' like stars? since you touch inside my heart I'm remaining true to your world, wow...

tell me meaning of your the reaction 'coz I understand my escalation I can feel yours in disruption, wow...

like a moonlight is holding the night and the stars make me so find my brightness and it can begin shining

you can dry their every tears with the lights of glaring your heart I wanna reveal the secret of a distant yours, far away

"far away, I feel sadness"