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Take me out now by IOSYS
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Being found by EDM star I will travel and shine over the world studio work every week, saying bye to that coffin

Keep it smily to all my fans In a stage we need the best plans ae The future's sure and waiting for me It’s you who should know

Now it's the time to get out here Maybe so many rivalry around I feel strange and it's crazy so still I'm here "underground-idol"

I think it's the time to let everyone know KOUHAKU will be where we even can go No wasting days are left for We have to ready to forthcoming show

I want you to take me out now take me out right now with you I want you to take me out now baby Let it be opened sealing door

fed up to such boring gigs, no living audience It’s not the place while not suit for stadium under the sun shining I want to prefer

fed up to this given days, but can't fly by myself I need a help Give me give me place to sing, maybe that's enough for me just one night stand

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