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Ultra-Violet by ShinRa-Bansho
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Original Translation

侵される事を知らない 楽園の住人の 笑顔を守る為に ただ銃口を向ける 嘘つきは何処に? 管理者はひたすら 見える訳が無い 敵を探す

The citizens of paradise are unaware that they’re being invaded. In order to protect their smiling faces, I still point my gun – Where’s that liar? Determined to remain unseen by all, The warden searches for her enemies.

お話をしましょう ただ 私の 捕らわれた妄信が 小鳥を襲う Trust no one! Trust no one!身を守れ この幻想で 全てが叶うとして どんな悲劇を願うの?

Let’s have a talk… Though my blind acceptance, which I have taken prisoner, Attacks that songbird. Trust no one! Trust no one! Defend yourself! In this illusion, where all wishes come true, What kind of tragedy do you desire…?

外の世界は いつの日か幻想に牙を向く 侵されてくユートピアを 守るレコンキスタ

The outside world will someday bare its teeth at this illusion. I’m the one who will reconquer this utopia, and protect it As it is being invaded.[1]

嘘はつきません ただ 私は 幸福なパラノイア 愛おしい雛よ Stay alert! Stay alert!戯れね この幻想が 偽りのモノなどと 誰が悲劇を創るの?

I’m not lying. Though, I’m in a state of joyful paranoia… O, my beloved baby bird! Stay alert! Stay alert! We’re not playing around! This illusion is a falsehood… Who manufactured this disaster?

幸福論を振りかざす ニュースだけを見続けては 溶けてゆく 不可侵の領域へ 何もかも

Gazing at only the news is like brandishing the theory of happiness. Almost everything will dissolve towards the domain Of nonaggression…

いつの日か 自由になったら 皆でケーキを食べましょう この愛しくて刹那的な世界が 壊れていると 信じれずに

If, someday, we become free… Let’s all eat cake together! We won’t believe that our beloved, ephemeral world Is heading towards destruction.

安息がひび割れ Trust no one! Trust no one! Citizen, are you happy? この美しく完璧な世界には 邪魔をするモノはいない いつまでもこの幸せが続きますように

Cracks form in my repose. Trust no one! Trust no one! Citizen, are you happy? In this beautiful, perfect world, Nothing exists that can serve as an obstacle. I do everything so that this happiness can continue for eternity…

Lyrics source: Translation by Releska


  1. The original Japanese uses the word ‘Reconquista,’ which is mainly used to refer to a series of holy wars that took place throughout history. I gave the sentence a more liberal translation to help it make more sense in the context of an English sentence, though I’m not entirely satisfied with the outcome…