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Unconnected. by C.H.S
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Original Translation

当たり前だと思ってた 口に出すことと変わらないから 同じように伝達され 私の心に 響いてく

At first I took it for granted They weren’t different from words that were spoken Their communication would connect all the same Resonating in my heart

ふとした瞬間に気づく この声を聞いてる 私だけ 内に秘められた叫びを 理解する 異端―――。

But then suddenly I realized The only one listening to this voice was me The only heretic who could understand Those hidden screams within—.

近づいてくる人々の 陽気な視線と 無垢な笑顔に 勇気付つけられ ここにいる 私に必要な人々

People would come to me With bright glances and faultless smiles Praising me, encouraging me I needed them

最初はそうと信じてた こんな力がなかったらずっと 盲目的でいられたかな 幸せのままでいれたのに

In the beginning I believed them If I hadn’t had this power Would I have been forever blind? I could have been happy!

悟る 言葉の裏に隠された 羨み恨みにまみれてる現実を

Understanding that hidden behind words The truth smeared in jealousy and hatred

研ぎ澄まされた 負の感情が 私の胸を締め付けてゆくから 隠匿 掩蔽 ”I know what you think.” 伝えない伝えられない 壁よ隔て

Your negative emotions, sharp and clear Grip and strangle my heart; Concealed? Hidden? “I know what you think.” From these things unsaid, that cannot be said; walls, separate me!

身体と躯が触れるたび 思いと想いが遠く離れてゆく 建前 上辺 ”I need you, I love you.” 薄汚い本心 気持ち悪いの

Each time body touches corpse Emotions are pulled apart from thoughts Appearances; on the surface, “I need you, I love you.” Your filthy intentions disgust me



近づいてくる人々の 好奇の視線と 歪む悦顔に 疲れて蔑んで嘲笑う 「そんなの いやだ」と 抗えず

People come to me With curious glances and twisted smile Tired of it all, I snap and scorn “I hate that about you,” unable to resist

だからこそ流されていて 毒されていることにも気づかず 紛い物の救いの手が 紛れもないものに見えたり

Because of that I was swept away I didn’t realize how much I was being poisoned Seeing each hand of saving grace clearly For what it was: fake, a lie

悟る こともできてた筈なのに 情事に興じた狂気じみた過ち

Understanding.. I should have known my mistake Caught up in a love affair marked with insanity

一瞬の迷いで何かが 饒舌な嘘に絡めとられてゆく 後悔 怨念 ”Really you save me?” 終幕のない戯曲 主役は誰?

In a moment of hesitation, something Was gripped, caught in a flood of lies Regret; with a grudge, “Really, you’ll save me?” In this play with no finale, just who acts the leading role?

心とココロが触れるたび 私とワタシが遠く離れてゆく 建前 上辺 ”I need you, I love you.” 薄汚い本心 気持ち悪いよ

Each time heart touches hEaRT I am pulled apart from mYsELf Appearances; on the surface, “I need you, I love you.” Your filthy intentions disgust me





Lyrics source: Translated by Kafka-fuura.

“Each time body touches corpse” would normally read “each time a body touches another” but one word is used for body, and another for “body with a rotten core” or corpse.

I did the whole hEaRT, and mYsELf, because of the katakana and to represent Satori having issues with herself.