Lyrics: Until The End Of The World

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Until The End Of The World by CROW'SCLAW
Original Romanized Translation

この暗闇の中でたった一人きり 孤独の中で この夜はいつまでも どこまでも続いてる 果てしなくずっと

kono kurayami no naka de tatta hitori kiri kodoku no naka de kono yoru wa itsu made mo doko made mo tsuzuiteru hateshinaku zutto

All by myself, alone in this darkness surrounded by solitude This night will forever, on and on, continue without end, always

今時計の針さえずっと静寂に息を潜める 夢が覚める時まで大切なこの想い 胸に秘め

ima tokei no hari sae zutto seijaku ni iki wo hisomeru yume ga sameru toki made taisetsu na kono omoi mune ni hime

Even the clock’s needle now always conceals its sound in silence Until I wake up from this dream, I’ll keep these precious feelings of mine hidden in my heart

僕の声が聴こえるなら 二人で繋ごう 想いを

boku no koe ga kikoeru nara futari de tsunagou omoi wo

If you can possibly hear my voice let us both string together our feelings

この世界が終わる日まで 歌おう 言葉を紡いで

kono sekai ga owaru hi made utaou kotoba wo tsumuide

Until the moment when the world comes to an end let us sing, weaving words

Translated by Amen