Lyrics: Violent Moon

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Violent Moon by 5150

Her sparkling eyes are a red, crimson colors My master's name is Scarlett. It is noble vampire where it has been living for 500 years.

The pleasure served for a dear master is superior to what. 1000 knives dance in the sky. A dear paradise is bright red ground. Eternal garden smeared with blood.

Her eyes are red and red. The name of me who serves if Violent Moon. I am a flesh and blood who cannot live for as many as 100 years.

It was sworn that my life was sacrified to this world. 1000 knives dance in the sky. I do not permit the one to thtreaten this paradise and bright red ground.

To defend my happiness to defend a red house to defend her, I fight. I become cruel at night when the full moon shines. If either of these bodies of me is destines to rot away, the answer is one. Destroy time.