Lyrics: Whirling Truth

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Whirling Truth by C-CLAYS
Featured in:
遊穹 U-KYU
Original Translation

誘惑の多い香りがして 眩暈に耐えて昇っていく いつ襲ってくるのかなんて 神様も知らない

I take in an incense of many allures Climbing, enduring vertigo When will they attack? Not even the gods know

次第に薄れていく面影を背にして 下から見上げてた景色を飛び込み

So taking these thinning vestiges on my back Facing the sky from below I dive into the landscape

煌く空に映えるViolet 瞳に焼き付き 太陽の光り照らされ吸い込まれて

Violet shining in the sparkling sky Burning its image in my eyes Illuminated in the sun’s light, I’m drawn in

明るく透き通る琥珀よ 無数に散らばり どこにいても聴こえてる小さな波

Bright translucent amber Scattered in countless pieces No matter where you go you can hear their small waves

気になるFly 落ちるには早いLight 今すぐにNight そんなことはないと信じている

Anxiously fly – In falling is early light Soon it will be night – I don’t believe in such a thing

へんな胸騒ぎ落ち着かない 慣れているけど邪魔は誰よ? 苛立つ矛先隠しても 解る者いるでしょう?

This strange stirring in my chest I can’t calm Though I’ve grown used to it, who is bothering me? Even if you hide your vicious feelings away Someone will realize, don’t you think?

輝いてたのに雲に閉ざされ重くて 遷り変わる瞬間崩れる公転

What was shining is now locked behind heavy gates The rotation of the heavens crumbling in each passing moment

渦巻いて飛んでくるDark Blue まだまだ流れて 鎖の様に繋がって惑わしてくる

Spinning spirals, flying dark blue There’s ever more to flow As if I were chained I’m led astray

黒く濁る遠くの風が 近くに漂い 何処に居ても見えてない細かい霧

The blackly impure wind from afar Drifts ever closer A fine mist you cannot see no matter where you stand

あやしくRound 廻り続けてるSight 不意に来るweight つむじに刺さる視線の向こうに

Bewitchingly round, twirling sight Unexpectedly falling weight, beyond the gazes that pierce the whorl

華やかに浮いてくるFirebrick 鈍く霞んでて 今の心を現し結んでるカギ

Firebrick, brilliantly hanging in the air Dully misting The lock binding me from showing my heart now

逃げないイタズラを仕込んで 忍び寄る夕陽 この先に待っていた未来の過去

Playing its mischief from which no one can escape The sunset creeps closer The past of the future we’ve been waiting for

繋がるWay 目の前の姿Gaze 前兆をSave 激しく動いて揺れる信条

Bound this way, standing before your gaze This omen I’ll save, in violently swaying faith