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Worlds End by Yellow Zebra
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幼き日に 聞いた物語は 私の始まり 「幸せな結末」が 小さな胸を 締めつけた

When I was young I heard a tale – it was my beginning; Its “Happy Ending” pressed on my little heart.

その先に 続いて行くはずの 未来を 知りたくて 今でも

Ever since I’ve wanted to know what future I should Continue on towards; I want to know even now..

この瞳が その想いが そっと 閉じる日が来ることを 誰もが皆 わかってる今日は しっかりと 焼き付けていよう

Absolutely everyone knows today When that day will come, where My eyes and their thoughts will close. I’ll burn you through and through.

遠い街で 風の噂 また 誰かが 生涯を終えた 私は 涙も出ないまま そして 今日が 過ぎて行った

Down this distant street the wind’s gossip speaks, Again, someone’s life has ended, And as always, without shedding a tear, I passed the day away.

年を重ねて 知ってしまった 役に立たない 理屈を

As the years piled up on one another, I learned of reason, and it’s uselessness.

ありのままな 人の性は いつの時代も 持て囃されて ありのままを 受け入れたときは いつも 頭抱えて 眠る

As it is, human nature Is highly praised in every age, But when the truth sinks in for them, I always hold their heads and rock them to sleep.

情報(ちがいいけん)が産み落とした 目に見えない様なものを 突き付ける偽者に その身を 委ねてもいいの?

May I devote your body to those fakes, who advocate That invisible-like thing born from disputing views?

私が 今 果てたのなら 続いて行く この世界は 私の目に 閉じた様に見えて でも そのまま 進み続ける

If I now were to meet my end, This world would keep on going, but It would look as if it were closing in front of my eyes. Yet still, I’ll keep going.

火炎の中 灰になり 燃えていく身体から この世界の果てを見るような 真実を 探し出せるかなぁ?

Inside this blaze your burning body will become ash. From it, will I be able to find the truth, Like looking at the world’s end?

Translated by Kafka Fuura