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aurora by ShinRa-Bansho
Original Translation

まだ幼い弱虫 あたしは雛鳥 真っ黒黒けで 煤けてる 仰ぎ見た頭上の 空はみにくく ずっと 広がっていた

I was still a childish weakling, just a hatchling. I was pitch-black, covered in soot. I gazed up at the sky above, and it was so ugly. It spread out, as far as I could see.

煮えたお鍋の上 赤毛の猫走る 追いかけっこしては しかられた カーテンたなびいて 隠れんぼした 笑い声は遠く

A red-haired cat ran above a boiling pot. I played tag with them and was scolded. We played hide and seek, draped in curtains. Laughter was so distant…

揺れるオーロラ 遙か向こう側 あなたの瞳は キラキラ輝いてみえた 世界は遠く 掴めない

Your eyes were a wavering aurora in the far distance. The world, which seemed to sparkle, was so far away. I couldn’t reach it.

神様は言いました 空を見たくないか 高く飛べるようにしてやると 世界の片隅まで望んだ景色 神様の言うとおり

This is what the Goddess said: “Do you want to see the sky? I will make it so you can soar high…” I could see to the very ends of the world. It was just as the Goddess said.

素敵な力で あたしが今度こそ あなた幸せにしてあげる もう誰にも責めたり 邪魔出来ないように 何もかもを壊すの 世界すべてを

With this splendid power, I’ll make you happy next time, for sure. So nobody will blame you or get in your way, I’ll destroy everything. I’ll destroy the whole world.



ふいに オーロラ消えて錆びついた止まない雨降り あたし こんなに強くなったのに 笑ってほしいのに

Suddenly, the aurora rusted away and vanished. The rain fell without end Even though I grew so strong, even though I wanted you to smile…

同じ三つの目でも あたしは何も見えない ごめんなさい あたし 煤けた羽 今も弱いまま

I had the same third eye, But I couldn’t see anything at all. I’m so sorry. My feathers are still soot-stained. I’m still weak.

あたし まだ弱虫 みにくい空の下 真っ黒黒けの 傷だらけ 毎日何か思い 生きてきたような もう思い出せない わからないまま

I’m still a weakling, beneath the ugly sky. I’m pitch black and covered in wounds. What did I think about as I lived through each day? I can’t remember anymore. I don’t understand.

やがて オーロラ淡く 溶けていく すべて消し去って あの日の記憶何歩歩いても 忘れたりしないわ

In the end, the aurora began to dissolve away. Everything vanished… No matter how far I walk, I’ll never forget that day.

サブタレイニアンローズ 神様さえも 届かない あたしがここの太陽になるわ 虹も架けて行く

Subterranean rose. Even the Goddess won’t reach this place. I will become the sun And I’ll build a rainbow, too.


The sky is right here.

Lyrics source: Translation by Releska