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Lyrics: good morning

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good morning by minimum electric design
Featured in:
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The DreamWorld
Original Romanized Translation

君を繋いで 朝焼け泣いて 君から冷めて 夢から醒めて

kimi o tsunaide asayake naite kimi kara samete yume kara samete

I am tied to you, Weeping in the morning glow. I cool down from you. I awaken from my dream.

叩き起こして 伸びる影は ここから去った 現実はあった

tataki okoshite nobiru kage wa koko kara satta genjitsu wa atta

I awaken from a knock at the door. The lengthening shadows have left. I encountered reality.

果て無いはずの 夜は明けて 伝わらないよ 今日もこの歌は

hate nai hazu no yoru wa akete tsutawaranai yo kyou mo kono uta wa

This night was meant to be endless yet dawn breaks. Today, once more, My song will not be heard.

ひとり きりの へやの むこうには きえた はずの あいを ささやくよ

hitori kiri no heya no mukou niwa kieta hazu no ai o sasayaku yo

Beyond the room you are in, all alone, I whisper words of a love thought to have vanished.

Lyrics source: Translated by Releska.