Lyrics: midnight lightning bolt

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midnight lightning bolt by IOSYS
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Are you sure? Suddenly you threw up you were in critical situations. No way in hell. But I can't turn you down. Baby. Gotta make it.

The deadline for arrival is at sunrise. Ignite my engine and rush to the hill. It's a battle against my fear in the rearview mirror. Get lost forever!

Fire! Fire! Fire! Might of my fire brings up transonic records. Mistrust all of stereotypes. Just gonna let me out.

Higher! Higher! Higher! Make it so higher. Extreme acceleration. I am cutting through starry sky on the hill. I'm a midnight lightning bolt.

Damn it! I've still been keeping on rushing. However, sun is cruelly going up. Here's the hardest point of a downhill. Ain't no thing. Shift down and go drifting!

There are no other choices. I must be there. A rear seat is full of my love for you. Even if they dish me in the universe, I will streak for you faster than anything.

Fire! Fire! Fire! Knight of the fire comes up when you are in crisis. Blow up all of ambivalence. Just gonna make me tough.

Higher! Higher! Higher! Take it so higher. Smoking acceleration. I can win the victory and sweep away. I'm a midnight lightning bolt.

Liar. I'll be a liar as this crazy chase goes on. Then you call me and tell a short cut route to be there in time.

"Fire! Fire! Fire! Might of your fire brings up winds for freedom. Fly to the ground." "What?" "Fly to the ground straightly."

"Higher! Higher! Higher! Make you so higher. See you soon." Oh my god! My duty! I am cutting through starry sky on the hill. This is "sukima warp!"