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Lyrics: reach for the top!! (MZC Remix)

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reach for the top!! (MZC Remix) by ORANGE★JAM
Featured in:
  • length: 04:33
  • arrangement: DJ Bouche
  • remix: Maurits""Cornelis
  • lyrics: Renko
  • vocals: Renko
  • original title: 神話幻想 ~ Infinite Being
  • source: 東方怪綺談 ~ Mystic Square
    Final Stage Boss Theme; Shinki

Far in the past, I had grasped for my dreams And I slipped and fell far behind. Through I had known that I couldn’t be tamed With passion fueling my fate…

Chasing in circles, eventually losing my way, I finally stopped. Taking a step back, I looked to the stars And knew I could reach for the top.

Yet, I’m denied, but I still want to try. There’s a spark that sets me on fire. Reason and logic makes no sense tonight. I’ll never give up this fight.

Some day I said I would reach for the top. I can measure up to the odds. Shining so bright like a million stars, ‘Til the end, my belief burning strong.

Lyrics source: Petalite Yuu