Lyrics: voyager

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voyager by WAVE

Shapeless souls, inaudible voices, lead me to the place where the clear blue sky meets the endless green earth. To the place where all living things stay with no borders in between the visible and the invisible. They all merge together into reality. In this place. In this land of dreams.

From ancient days till eternity whisperings and yearnings never being heard, floating in the sky. On its dark end are the vague shadows. Some belong to the dead, some to the living. There appeared shells and borders on and between everything. Sensible, insensible. Melt as one, they all come into life.

Dreams are dreams, no piece of truth. Never look in, so they say. Let them be, don't try to prove. Sensations are sensations. Fantasies are fantasies. There are some laws to obey. Keep out of the sanctuary. Leave visions be just visions. And I'm breaking the wall.

Nothing scares me, nothing persuades me. There's no hesitation, yet no conviction. I want to make sure. Looking straighter and listening deeper. Through and into every to every little feeling inside and outside of me. Hello, welcome.

On this place, where the clear blue sky meets the endless, evergreen earth. If all living things are created on purpose, visible or invisible, they will come into reality. Into this world. They will come into the world. Into this real world.

Illusions will be gone and I will remain here.