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Screenshot from MARIPPY.





Action Platform Game


Move Marisa to recover her items while avoiding enemies. Single-player.


Flash (discontinued)


Emulated with Ruffle

Official Site


MARIPPY is a fan-made Touhou Project flash game presented by Chibitami. It is based off of the Namco arcade game Mappy.


The player guides Marisa Kirisame through Alice Margatroid's house collecting items that Alice stole.

Item Value
Medicine 100 points
Grimoire 200 points
Broom 300 points
Hat 400 points
Bloomers 500 points

Collecting the same item after one, which is glowing, will multiply the point value.


Use the arrow keys to move Marisa. Press Z to open or close doors while at it.


Marisa, Alice and her Shanghai dolls move between the floors by bouncing on trampolines. Marisa is unharmed while off-ground, however, if Marisa runs into Alice or Shanghai anywhere else, the player will lose a life. Another way of losing lives are collapsing on the ground, falling offscreen, or the timer reaches zero.

The trampolines can be bounced on three times in a row before breaking. The red trap doors will open when Marisa crosses it.

You can attack Shanghai dolls and Alice by opening a closed door if they are facing opposite to the door, and also by opening a magical door, which will do a Master Spark depending on the knob is facing. This gets you bonus points.

If Alice is "hugging" on one of your items and you are near her, quickly take it away and punish her for an additional 1000 points.

The game ends when all lives are lost or you clear all 8 stages.

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