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The game may be played using either a keyboard or a gamepad.

Keyboard controls are as follows:

  • The Arrow Keys move the character around
  • Z causes a short barrage of shots to be fired; it may be held down for rapidfire
  • X releases a bomb (presuming that any are left)
  • C may be used to release a burst (if the counter is at 1000) or cancel suicide bullets during a burst
  • Shift slows the character's movement, and changes the nature of the character's shot and bomb; it generally makes your attacks more focused
  • Esc pauses the game and brings you to the in-game menu
  • R resets to the Touhou Danmakufu title screen
  • BackSpace lets us retry the script
  • Home saves screenshots; entire, play field, and 1/4 size version of it

Basic Gameplay[edit]

Magical Singular Day plays like a fairly typical vertically-scrolling danmaku shooting game, in which the player's character is always facing towards the top of the screen, shooting at anything that moves, avoiding and weaving between enemy bullets, and confronting difficult bosses at the end of a stage.

There are 3 levels of difficulty, Moderate, Extreme and Apocalypse. Each difficulty level features differences in the number of bullets fired by each enemy, rate of fire, variations in the bullets' pattern of movement, and the number and type of enemy Spell Cards used. -absolution- replaces Apocalypse with Revelation.

The player will traverse 5 increasingly harrowing stages through the course of a regular game.


A character's "shot" is the player's primary method of attacking enemies. The shot's attack area and behaviour varies depending on the character type the player has chosen.


A character's "bomb" is the player's limited-use method of getting out of difficult situations. A bomb's attack area, duration, and power varies depending on the shot type the player has chosen, but it typically deals heavy damage to every enemy it touches, in addition to cancelling out any bullets in the bomb's way. The player's character becomes invincible during and for a short time after the bomb's effect wears off. At the beginning of the game and any time your character respawns, you will start off with 3 bombs.

The player is awarded extra bombs upon collecting bomb items, which appear when the total magic fragment counter reaches thresholds depending on the autobomb setting, as well as when some midbosses are defeated.


This game contains autobombs; if the player is hit and the autobomb setting is activated then the player will spend one or two bombs instead of dying. However, these autobombs are relatively weak and only last for a short time. There are three settings:

  • Off: Autobombs disabled; extra bombs are awarded every 5000 magic fragments.
  • Half: Autobombs enabled and spend two bombs per hit (but will still activate if the player has only one bomb in stock?); extra bombs are awarded every 10000 magic fragments.
  • On: Autobombs enabled and spend one bomb per hit; extra bombs are awarded every 20000 magic fragments.


With default settings, you will start off with 2 lives in stock (in addition to your current life). You can lose a life by getting "hit" by an enemy attack.

The hit box for your character is quite small in comparison to your on-screen sprite, usually only a single pixel. If you hold Shift, a dot will usually appear, showing the hitbox precisely. If the hit box of your character's sprite comes into contact with the hit box of an enemy bullet, laser, or the enemy itself, then you have been hit.

If you have bombs in stock and the Bomb key is pressed within a short time of the player's character being hit, then the hit can be negated and countered with a bomb. This counter-bomb time is usually only a fraction of a second, after which you will lose a life as normal.

The player is awarded extra lives upon collecting 1up items, which appear when reaching score thresholds, as well as when some midbosses are defeated. The score thresholds are 1, 3, 6, 10, and 15 billion points in the original game, and 10, 40, 90, 160 and 250 billion in absolution.


There are three modes of difficulty in the original game: Moderate, Extreme and Apocalypse; in absolution Apocalypse is replaced by Revelation. Each mode has slightly different systems, detailed below.

Boss Battles[edit]

The main challenge and the main attraction. Each boss has one segmented health bar shown at the top of the screen and a bar representing the current segment's health at the bottom of the screen. Bosses usually alternate between attacking normally and attacking with Spell Cards, cycling through a series of these attacks with each health bar segment.

Each segment is accompanied by a timer. When time runs out, the boss will switch to their next set of attack patterns even if their health bar isn't empty. Waiting for a boss character's attack pattern to self-destruct may be enough to beat them, but mere survival won't earn the player any score bonuses.

Character Statistics[edit]

For the original game there is one playable character, Marisa Kirisame, with four shot types.

  • MarisaA - 拡散タイプ
  • MarisaB - 集中タイプ
  • MarisaC - 近接タイプ
  • MarisaD - 照準タイプ

For absolution there are three shot types:

  • MarisaA - 拡散、照準タイプ
  • MarisaB - 集中、雷撃タイプ
  • MarisaC - バースト特化タイプ

For Free Mode character statistics will depend on the player script being used. See also Touhou Danmakufu/Gameplay#Character Statistics.

Screen Layout[edit]


Unlockable Features[edit]




Listed below are the game systems in Magical Singular Day, including the details for how points are given.


Any damage you deal to any enemy, whether it be caused by your shots or your bombs, will cause your score to increase very slightly. Actually destroying enemies will award you slightly more points. In addition, enemies release items for you to collect, and those are very important for scoring as covered below.

Star Items[edit]

These items appear any time an enemy bullet is cancelled out, except when using a burst. There are three different colours of star items: in increasing order of value, red, green and white. Collecting star items will award magic fragments and increment the burst counter.

Burst System[edit]

Burst Counter[edit]

The burst counter is the large counter at the top left of the screen, ranging from 0 to 1000. When the counter reaches 1000, the player can press C to activate a burst.

Burst Mode[edit]

On activating a burst all bullets on the screen are erased and the player becomes invincible for a brief period of time. The player gains magic fragments depending on how many bullets were cleared.

During the burst, shot power increases. When enemies are destroyed, they release suicide bullets that slowly move towards the player. The bullets change colour as they move closer to the player. By pressing C the bullets can be cancelled into white stars.

The burst counter decreases continuously until it reaches zero, at which point the burst ends. When the burst ends, all bullets on the screen are erased and the player becomes invincible for a brief period of time. In addition, any suicide bullets remaining on the screen are converted into red stars. The magic counter is halved at this point.

If the player bombs the burst counter will decrease faster. If the player dies or deathbombs the burst will be halted prematurely and the burst and magic counters are halved.

Burst Rank[edit]

Magic Fragments[edit]

Magic fragments appear when enemies are defeated, with more fragments being released when the player is closer to the enemy. In addition, fragments are awarded any time bullets are cleared.

The magic counter is found next to the burst counter. It ranges from 0 to 10000 in the original game. In absolution, the maximum value is variable, starting at 100000 and increasing during rush bursts (see below).

The magic counter serves as the base value of items and other point sources.

Rush Gauge[edit]

When the rush gauge is filled, the player can activate a Rush Burst by holding C. In absolution, collecting items during a rush burst will increase the maximum magic counter value.

PN Gauge[edit]

Purity Rate[edit]

The purity rate acts as a multiplier to the value of star items.

Free Mode[edit]

Free Mode is a game mode where the player can use any player script, not just the included players. However, the system is vastly different from the ordinary game.

Clear Bonus[edit]

On clearing the game, the player is awarded a point bonus based on their performance. In the original game, the bonus is calculated as follows:

Fragment x      1,000 (total magic fragment counter)
Player   x 10,000,000 (lives in stock, not including your current one)
Bomb     x  2,000,000 (bombs in stock)

In absolution, the bonus is calculated as follows:

Fragment x      1,000 (total magic fragment counter)
Player   x 40,000,000 (lives in stock, not including your current one)
Bomb     x  4,000,000 (bombs in stock)

Finally, depending on the conditions you played under, the result is multiplied by these modifiers:

>3 Initial Lives or >3 Initial Bombs: x 0.1
Moderate Difficulty:                  x 1.0
Extreme Difficulty:                   x 1.5
Apocalypse/Revelation Difficulty:     x 2.0

If in Free Mode the clear bonus is divided by 5, or 100 for absolution.

The end result is then added on to your score.