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丁礼田 (ていれいだ) (まい)
Mai Teireida

Mai Teireida
The All-Too-Dangerous Backup Dancers
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Human (?)


Drawing out people's vitality by dancing behind them


Servant of Okina Matara

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Mai Teireida (丁礼田 舞 Teireida Mai) is a servant of Okina Matara, along with her partner Satono Nishida.

General Information[edit]

Mai appeared as the Stage 4 Midboss, Stage 5 Boss and Extra Stage Midboss in Hidden Star in Four Seasons.


She has little memory of her time as a human, but has retained her personality. She is a bit of a scatterbrain, but is quick to take action. She also holds the distinction of using boku to refer to herself. Still, she acts for Okina's sake alone, seemingly not having the free will to question otherwise.


Drawing out people's vitality by dancing behind them

Entrusted to Mai, it is not an ability of hers, but of her master, Okina. She draws out the latent ability in all things by dancing behind them, in this case vitality.

Background Information[edit]



Mai has reseda green hair, cut short with two long side locks, and pea colored eyes. She wears a Kazaori-eboshi, a smaller type of eboshi that has been folded. She wears a dotted dark green dress with short sleeves. Her sleves have a black cuff and rose lace. The bottom of the dress is also adorned with the same rose lace. Her dress has a black high neck collar, conected to a white bertha collar tipped with rose lace. She wears a white half appron fastened around her waist with the same rose lace. Theres a row of yellow buttons and bows along the front of her dress, starting at the bertha collar, overlapping the appron, down till the edge of the dress. On the bertha collar and appron theres one small yellow bow, and a big one lower on the appron that ends with tassels. She has black kneesocks and green shoes with short heels. She hold a bamboo stalk with her right hand. Mai's as well as Satono's design and pose is presumably based off the clothing and pose of the two servants of matarajin as seen in this woodblock print.



Hidden Star in Four Seasons
Mai's sprite in HSiFS

Emerging alongside their master, Okina, she orders her servants to find others worthy of serving her. To do so, they plant doors on the backs of others and empower them, to bring out their best and test them. What they don't know, however, is that they aren't searching for allies, like Okina told them, but for their own replacements.


Okina Matara

Okina is Mai and Satono's master. They are vessels of her power, acting as extensions of her and unflinchingly obeying her orders. They are becoming less human due to Okina's influence. They have little memory of their past, yet maintain their personality. Whether because they're no longer useful or she pities them, Okina seeks to replace them, which she has periodically. However, after failing to find successors, Okina says she is fine with retaining them. Satono and Mai do not know they are even searching for their own replacements.

Satono Nishida

Satono is a fellow servant under Okina.



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Additional Information[edit]

  • She is one of two characters to be given the name Mai, the other being Mai from the PC-98 era.
  • Mai is the only female bokkuko character in the series, using boku to refer to herself. This is a trait common in media of tomboys, but also of energetic, or socially unrefined characters who are unaware or uncaring of social norms.
  • The silhouette of Mai, along with Satono Nishida and Okina Matara, appear on the jewel case for Hidden Star in Four Seasons.
    • Satono, Mai, and Yachie Kicchou are the sole Windows-era non-final or extra bosses to appear alongside the final boss on the game's jewel case.


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