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Marie in Banshiryuu



19 years old


Soldier, Assassin


Seihou World (Earth)

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Note: This article is part of the Seihou Project by the Doujin circle "Shunsatsu sare do?".

Marie (マリー Marī) is a 19-year-old lady and is the Lady of a benefactor known as the "Industry". Although she can be whimsical at times and is a little sadistic, she garners the respect of anyone put under her command nonetheless. She appears in all of the Seihou Project games.

General Information

Marie first appeared as the fourth stage boss of Shuusou Gyoku, where after she appeared as a playable character in Kioh Gyoku. About 7 years later when Banshiryuu had C74 version release, she appeared as the 1st Extra Stage boss as the start of a boss rush.


She has a sadistic personality and has feelings for other women, suggesting that she's a lesbian. In the Ending of Shuusou Gyoku, her personality doesn't change that much.

Character Basis


Her name is Marie. The origin of her name is from the manga Jesus. The name itself can mean "bitter".


Marie's design in Shuusou Gyoku shows that she has blonde hair with a white tanktop and a wide brimmed white hat with a blue band. Her design has minor changes in Kioh Gyoku's where she has no hat and now has an odd pink jacket/armband(?). In Banshiryuu, she had a completely new look, where she wore a dominatrix-esque cocktail dress with tan belt, navy blue pants, and her pink armband from Kioh Gyoku reappears with a black whip and a red fan(?).


Marie in SSG
Shuusou Gyoku

In Shuusou Gyoku, Marie finds out that the Cactus Company is running an investigation in another dimension, and mistook it for an opportunity to gain a large profit. She was then sent to beat up VIVIT (as an assassin), but she failed.

Kioh Gyoku

In Kioh Gyoku, along with VIVIT, she targeted Morgan. Though she has such side to her, her EX attack is different from those of others, and now its name has become a catchphrase of her reflecting her personality.


After the heroine is notified about some "evil beings", they first encounter Marie in a giant spaceship in Outer Space, determined to defeat the heroine. Despite the spaceship's size, Marie was defeated.



VIVIT is a target for Marie to beat up and stalk. Whatever Marie would be saying to VIVIT, VIVIT would reply that she doesn't have "interests in those kinds of things". In Shuusou Gyoku, Marie said "I just love girls with... Long red hair, white skin... Just perfect!" and in the Ending, she tries to ask VIVIT out on a date. In Kioh Gyoku, when Marie won against VIVIT, she says "Since I've won... That means you're mine... I won't take no for an answer!" and apparently sends love letters to her.


Similar to VIVIT, Marie was targeting Morgan in Kioh Gyoku. Morgan said to Marie "Marie, after this punishment stop bullying little girls" while Marie said "Very nice, Your looks, attitude... I love them all..." Apparently, they're old friends.

Minor Relationships


It seems like there's something in between her and Erich.


It is known that Marie is VIVIT's stalker, but for Marie to also stalk VIVIT-r is unknown. In the Extra Stage of Banshiryuu, Marie says "This time, you're not running away!" acknowledging that she knew VIVIT-r before. However, it's unknown if Marie is aware of VIVIT-r not been VIVIT.

Additional Information

Official Profiles

Kioh Gyoku - Manual
Marie Kioh Gyoku.jpg ◆ マリー ◆


☆ 機体名 ☆
・あいあん めいでん

☆ 特徴 ☆

◆ Marie ◆

・The Industry's lady (ojou-sama), 19 years old.
・In the previous work, Marie got wind of the fact that the Company was investigating the Other Dimension. She misunderstood it as a get rich quick scheme, rode in an aircraft that was the concentration of the best of the Industry's technology, and headed towards the Other Dimension.

☆ Aircraft name ☆
・Iron Maiden

☆ Characteristics ☆
・Dangerous person.
・Battleship-annihilation-oriented type

Official Sources

Official sources