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Music List

Title screen
水面から出流る水底 Water from the Bottom Flowing Out to the Surface



This is the title screen theme song.

This was the first track that I wrote after I was requested to do them. As I thought about the sound of water, I settled with something related to water - a calm feeling.

Stage 1 theme
大洋の風情 ~ Fantastic Sea Grandeur of the Ocean ~ Fantastic Sea



This is the Stage 1 theme song.

Originally I did not compose this for the game. I then made it more light-hearted and befitting. In the beginning, I had the image of strolling aimlessly in the sky.

Stage 1 Boss - Konoha Susanomori's theme
捕らぬ狸の壷算用 The Pot Sum of an Uncaptured Raccoon

 須佐乃森 このはのテーマです。


This is Konoha Susanomori's theme song.

The sound track that replaced the previous version. The picture I had came from Ten Desires... NOT, the tanuki in Touhou Sangetsusei. As I saw the tanuki in the book, I came up with the idea of giving it an innocent air.

Stage 2 theme
大きな水塊の眺望 Giant Prospect of a Water Mass



This is the Stage 2 theme song.

As I heard the wind ensemble on top of the original melody line, I thought, "why not use this?" Although I used the same saxophones as in the old stage 1 boss theme as well, that one felt a bit less energized.

Stage 2 Boss - Naruko Uzushima's theme
ナルコストリーム Naruko Stream

 渦島 鳴子のテーマです。


This is Naruko Uzushima's theme song.

The source is obviously Mountain of Faith. I aimed to make it a high paced theme. As the character design of Naruko was fairly polished, I tried to match the theme to her.

Stage 3 theme
海燕の鳴動 ~ Natural Forecast Echo of a Sea Petrel ~ Natural Forecast



This is the Stage 3 theme song.

The source is really Undefined Fantastic Object. For this theme, I timed it for the atmosphere change in midboss Miyo. I tried to re-time it for every update of the game - those were fun times.

Stage 3 Boss - Tsubame Minazuki's theme
唄う[sic]座頭は天を仰ぎ見る The Singing Leader Looks Up to the Sky

 水無月 つばめのテーマです。


This is Tsubame Minazuki's theme song.

Triplets - that would be the distinguishing feature. There is also the aspect of the changing phases which made the sound deeper. Because of that, at times there are 2 base lines.

Stage 4 theme
未開拓世界 ~ インナースペース The Unexplored World ~ Inner Space



This is the Stage 4 theme song.

From now on I gave it an underwater atmosphere. While the places before are normal places to walk around in, from now on we enter the unknown world. As this is the rumored unexplored world, the theme elicits nervousness appropriately.

Stage 4 Boss - Kasumi Shindou's theme
サブマリン幻視幻覚 Submarine Illusion

 深堂 香澄のテーマです。


This is Kasumi Shindou's theme song.

Originally this was not a soundtrack of the game. As it came to be used, I have made it more game-like. The few traces of science stems from basing the original concept on genetics.

Stage 5 theme
二百海里は宴もたけなわ ~ Prayed Feast[1] A Party's Climax 200 Nautical Miles[2] Over the Sea ~ Prayed Feast



This is the Stage 5 theme song.

A song based on the architecture of the stage. The first idea appearing in my mind was "welcome to the undersea palace." Then, somehow I felt that the palace will welcome people in this sort of feeling.

Stage 5 Boss - Megumi Yaobi's theme
神造人魚は人間の夢を見るか? Could a Mermaid Dream of Being a Human?

 八百比 恵のテーマです。


This is Megumi Yaobi's theme song.

A theme based on the title. It was composed with the feeling of "ah, looks like I'm not welcome" after I read the conversation. I also took some inspiration from other works I've uploaded to Nico Commons.

Stage 6 theme
活命の泉 Fountain of Youth



This is the Stage 6 theme song.

As for the theme of the last stage, I tried not to make it too long. Initially I composed it in 10/4 time, but in the end I settled for 5/4 time because otherwise it would be too unbearable to listen to without earphones. Inspiration for the song came not from Rural Makai City Esoteria, but from Fires of Hokkai.

Stage 6 Boss - Mikoto Yaobi's theme
深海七花 ~ Forgotten Benefit Seven Flowers of the Deep Sea ~ Forgotten Benefit

 八百比 海琴のテーマです。


This is Mikoto Yaobi's theme song.

The only thing I can say about this song was that it was written somewhat wildly, with the impression of "It's the last boss!!!". Before then, I had many ideas...sometimes, while looking at the silent game screen, I had a lot of trouble figuring out what to do. This was probably the second most difficult song to make in the entire game.

Extra stage theme
トリエステ号の足跡 Footprints of Trieste[3]


深海というところで思いついたのは無線機のラジオノイズです。活命の泉(Fountain of Youth)の時の圧迫音のように今回もイヤホンで聞くとそれが伝わる仕様になっております。この曲自体は二つ目で、もともとはもっとのんびりした曲が出来ていました。(海中遊歩Vol.1「深海の幾妙な宝珠」参照)

This is the extra stage theme song.

When I think of the deep sea, the first thing that comes to mind is radio noise from a wireless transceiver. It has a similar oppressive feeling to it as "Fountain of Youth", which you can especially feel while listening with earphones. The song itself was my second attempt, and was originally meant to be more laid back in its first draft. (Refer to "Mysterious Gem of the Deep Sea", from "Undersea Walk" Vol. 1)

Extra stage Boss - Otohime Kanpukugu's theme
旅人アイザックの胡蝶 The Butterfly of Isaac the Traveler

観福宮 ()70]-[!|v|£のテーマです。


This is Otohime Kanpukugu's theme song.

Speaking of time machine, Issac had become the song title. This song was the most time-consuming out of all of them. Originally, it was a shorter song referred to as "Schrodinger's Empty Box", but it was remade and became its present form. There were 5-6 temporary songs, but everything came out ok.

Ending theme
干き汐の頃 Ebb Tide



This is the ending theme song.

This was made with the image of drifting objects being washed ashore. Particularly, the background is somewhat similar to that of the famous "Hamabe no Uta."

Staff roll theme
海乙女の詩 ~ Cobalt Dream Poem of the Ocean Maiden ~ Cobalt Dream



This is the staff roll theme song.

This track was changed quite a bit before release. Originally the idea was simply to make it ocean-like. However, later the piano of the stage 6 boss theme was added.

Score theme
海面-Umimo- Sea Level -Umimo-


This track follows the regular Player's Score closely. The melody was part of an unreleased prototype of the extra stage theme.

Unused theme #1 - Original Extra Stage theme
深海の幾妙な宝珠 Mysterious Gem of the Deep Sea[4]



This is the original Extra Stage theme.

This is something that I composed that is artificial, complex, and calming. However, once I saw the Extra game screen, I changed my mind about the song and rejected it. One element that is shared between this song and Footprints of Trieste is that both songs change tempo when Mikoto appears.

Unused theme #2 - Omniverse theme
忘られた海恵堂の花 Flower of the Forgotten Kaikeidou



This is a song that came to mind when we put in Omniverse Mode.

I made it so that the dramatic mood of this song could apply to all of the bosses. It's really only fitting for the Yaobi family, though.

Unused theme #3 - Otohime Kanpukugu's Omniverse theme
忘られた海恵堂の花 (観福宮 ()70]-[!_v_£ Ver.) Flower of the Forgotten Kaikeidou (Otohime Kanpukugu Ver.)



This is a version of Flower of the Forgotten Kaikeidou that was meant for when you fought Otohime.

The song itself is practically the same, it's just that some of the instrumentation of Otohime's theme is included in it.


  1. According to the music composer's blog, it should be "Preyed Feast"
  2. A nautical mile is a unit of measuring distance in navigation, defined internationally as equal to 1852 metres. 200 nautical miles would equal 370.4 kilometres, or exactly 230.15589 miles.
  3. Trieste is the only manned submarine to ever reach the bottom of the Mariana Trench.
  4. The descriptions for these three songs were found here.

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