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The English transcript of Marine Benefit.

The Japanese transcript has also been included in order to encourage fellow translators to chip in and make our translations more accurate/helpful.



In-Game Dialogue


Other Translations

Difficulty Levels

Easy 浅瀬 Shallows
Normal 浅海 Open Sea
Hard 深海 Deep Sea
Lunatic 超深海 Super Deep Sea
Extra 冥晦 Hades
Omniverse 別世界 Other World

Stage Titles

There are six stages in the game, plus one extra stage and one bonus stage:

Stage 1 「赤い歴史と緑の狸~真夏の河畔林」 Red History and Green Tanuki ~ Riverside Woods in Midsummer
Stage 2 「渦中の栗を拾う~河口の砂浜」 To Take a Chestnut from a Whirlpool ~ Sandy Beach at the River's Mouth
Stage 3 「雲から流れる琵琶の音色~雷雲と荒波」 The Timbre of a Lute Flowing from the Clouds ~ Thunder Clouds and Raging Seas
Stage 4 「海中にたなびく紫煙~沈潜海流」 Purple Smoke Lingering in the Ocean ~ Sea Current Descending into the Depths
Stage 5 「舞い踊る白い結晶~海恵堂廊下」 Dancing White Crystals ~ Ocean Blessings Hall Corridor
Stage 6 「青い海の生みの母~海恵堂本殿」 Mother of the Blue Sea ~ Ocean Blessings Hall Inner Sanctuary
Extra Stage 「明と冥の玄黄~黄泉」 Heaven and Earth of Light and Dark ~ Land of the Dead
Omniverse Stage 「水と光の桃源郷~ニライカナイ」 Shangri-la of Water and Light ~ Nirai Kanai

Playable Character Descriptions

Reimu Hakurei

Special Ability: bombs last longer, oxygen meter increase more easiliy

Forward-Focus Type (前方集中装備)
Shot: Infrared Detector (「インフラレッドディテクター」)
Bomb: Red Sign "Outer Red Boundary" (赤符「赤外結界」)
Homing Type (自動照準装備)
Shot: Homing Laser Sight (「ホーミングレーザーサイト」)
Bomb: Crimson Sign "Crimson Fantasy" (朱符「夢想妙朱」)
Infinite Flowering Type (無限花序装備)
Shot: Scarlet Flame (「スカーレットフレーム」)
Bomb: Scarlet Sign "Scarlet Yin-yang Orbs" (緋符「陰陽緋玉」)

Marisa Kirisame

Special Ability: item collection area is wider, hydrogen meter increases more easily

Trailing-option type (追尾配置装備)
Shot: Star Imprinting (「スターインプリンティング」)
Bomb: Blue Sign "Sirius Movement" (青符「シリウスムーヴメンド」)
Light Speed Piercing Type (光速貫通装備)
Shot: Constellation Laser (「コンステレーションレーザー」)
Bomb: Indigo Sign "Blue Spark" (藍符「ブルースバーク」)
Direction-switching Type (方向回転装備)
Shot: Sky Illumination (「スカイイルミネーション」)
Bomb: Sky Blue Sign "Blue Sky Sunlight" (蒼符「ブルースカイサンライト」)

Sanae Kochiya

Special Ability: main shot is stronger, gains back power more easily

Wide Narrow Dual Type (広狭二種装備)
Shot: Kanako's Divine Virtue (「神奈子様の神徳」)
Bomb: Green Sign "Spring East Wind" (緑符「スプリングイーストウィンド」)
Superwide Type (超広範囲装備)
Shot: Suwako's Iron Rings (「諏訪子様の鉄の輪」)
Bomb: Jade Sign "Jade-colored Sea" (翠符「翡翠色の海」)
Thermonuclear Explosion Type (熱核爆弾装備)
Shot: Submarine Sun (「サブマリンサン」)
Bomb: Emerald Sign "Green Flash" (碧符「グリーンフラッシュ」)