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Marisa's unnamed father

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Owner of the Kirisame-ya second-hand shop


Kirisame-ya second-hand shop, in the Human Village

Print Works

Marisa Kirisame's father is an enigmatic character, only known to be the owner of the Kirisame-ya second-hand shop in the Human Village. First referenced in Curiosities of Lotus Asia chapter 6 in the introduction where Marisa states that Rinnosuke was his former apprentice, he finally "appears" briefly in chapter 20.


Rinnosuke briefly visits Marisa's father in Curiosities of Lotus Asia chapter 20 to learn more about the mysterious miraculous eleven-year cicadas. He hasn't seen him for ten years, but his unease of seeing him again after such a long time quickly goes away as the two discussed various things such as merchandise and the tools of the outside world. Unfortunately, Marisa's father had no knowledge on the nature of cicadas. After the visit, Rinnosuke commented to Marisa that her father seemed to be doing really well. However, she couldn't hear him over the loud cries of the cicadas.


Marisa Kirisame

Marisa Kirisame is the only daughter of her parents and used to live with them, but left at an unknown point in time. It is stated in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense that it appears she cut off all relations and the reason is a private affair, but Akyu speculates it may have something to do with how the Kirisame shop does not deal in magical goods. In chapter 6 and 7 of Curiosities of Lotus Asia, Marisa says to Rinnosuke that she won't be coming back to them.

Rinnosuke Morichika

Rinnosuke Morichika worked at his store as an apprentice in the Human Village before leaving to start Kourindou over eleven years ago. Rinnosuke refers to him as the "human whom I had received hospitality from long time ago", indicating it was Marisa's father that took him in. Rinnosuke used to make rare visits to the Kirisame residence even after that, but hasn't visited for ten years. It is unknown what caused them to lose contact for ten years, and Rinnosuke was a little nervous about seeing him again due to the time that elapsed since then, but from Rinnosuke's meeting with him in Curiosities of Lotus Asia chapter 20, there doesn't seem to be any bad between them.

The Hieda Family

When Marisa thinks of stealing something from Hieda no Akyuu in chapter 20 of Curiosities of Lotus Asia, Rinnosuke attempts to dissuade her from doing so, as the head of the Kirisame family (presumably Marisa's father) and the Hieda family are on good terms with each other.

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