Marisa and Alice's Trap Tower

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Marisa and Alice's Trap Tower
Marisa and Alice's Trap Tower poster.

Desunoya (ですのや☆)


Desunoya (ですのや☆)


Original version:
2012 (Exact date unknown)
PlayStation 4 version:
November 18, 2016 (Japan)


Puzzle Game


PlayStation 4

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Marisa and Alice's Trap Tower (まりさとアリスのトラップタワー, Marisa to Arisu no Torapputawa) is a puzzle game by the doujin circle Desunoya, starring Marisa and Alice, and is the sequel to Marisa and Alice. It has references to Desunoya's previous Touhou titles.

An updated version, as part of Play, Doujin!, was originally announced to be in the making for PlayStation Vita. The plan was later changed to be a PlayStation 4 title, which is set to be released in November 18, 2016 via PlayStation Store.


Marisa once again invites Alice to go with her to the "public" library in the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Once they arrive, they find out that the librarian, Patchouli Knowledge, has teamed up with Nitori Kawashiro to build a Trap Tower inside. Marisa and Alice have to scale it using their teamwork in order to collect the books.


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Remember to set up your preferred button layout in Config!

  • Arrow Keys
  Move the active character.
  • Magic Action/Confirm (Z / Pad Button 0)
  Makes Marisa glide momentarily with her broom.
  Makes Alice send out a Shanghai doll.
  • Jump / Cancel (X / Pad Button 1)
  Jump; both characters have the same jump height.
  • Call (C / Pad Button 2)
  Hold it down to Call the character not being controlled.
  That way, both can move at once!
  While holding the Call button:
  Left/Right: Send order to walk in that direction.
  Up: Make her jump.
  Down: Have her stop.
  • Character Change (A / Pad Button 6)
  Switch the character being controlled.
  Once one has reached the goal, you cannot switch to her.
  • Display Minimap (V / Pad Button 3)
  Toggle the minimap, which gives a better view of the entire level. Use it well!
  • Open Menu (Space / Pad Button 9)
  Opens a menu to return to the title screen or restart the stage.
  • Call Key + Character Change Key
  A shortcut to restart the stage.

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