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SoEW 4th Stage Midboss
Sprite of Matenshi in Story of Eastern Wonderland

Angel? Demon? Devil?



Official Games

Matenshi (魔天使) is a humanoid of some kind that bares the resemblance of an angel and is the stage 4 midboss of Story of Eastern Wonderland twice. She attacked Reimu Hakurei and Genjii after they've flown passed some crows and other stage enemies as they approached her. She's got 5 different types of shots which are: single strand shots right below, random shot spread below, homing shots, some lasers and some 5 way bullets. The official strategy guide states that getting the former 3 is considered lucky. She does this again a while later after she was defeated the first time. With having no dialogue with Reimu, there is nothing known about her.

Background Information

The name Matenshi (魔天使) is unofficial and is was taken from the Japanese fanbase, who notably uses the name to refer to this character. The "Ma" () can mean "evil", "magic" or "devil", while "tenshi" (天使) means "angel", both referencing her appearance. It is not to be confused with Tenshi Hinanawi. It may also be referred to as the "SoEW 4th Stage Midboss" (封魔録四面中ボス) and "Mokutou" by Westerners.

Her sprite shows that she has purple hair at medium length and wears a long blue dress. She has an apron with a cross on it, and also has white wings. Since she's got angel-like wings and a holy attire, she's possibly an Angel. However, Reimaden might be in Makai, which can therefore indicate that she's a demon with the fact that Gengetsu also has angel wings. Also, her design somewhat resembles Sariel's.


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