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Boss Select screen

In traditional Mega Man fashion, MegaMari requires you to beat eight bosses before challenging Patchouli in her fortress. The bosses can be defeated in any order; however, since each boss has a weakness to another boss's weapon, it is advantageous to follow an order that starts with an easy boss and then allows you to use each defeated boss's weapon against the next boss in the order.

Like Mega Man 4 and all Mega Man games after it, any of the first eight stages can be re-entered after the boss has been defeated. The only practical reason for doing so would be to stock up on energy tanks, although re-entering a stage does require you to fight the boss again at the end of the stage, unlike nearly all Mega Man games.

Since MegaMari was created by the same company that created Immaterial and Missing Power, characters that appeared in that game use some of the same attacks here (this is most noticeable with Reimu and Remilia).

Normal Bosses[edit]


Weakness: Psycho Missile (Marisa)/Mental Sacrifice (Alice)
Acquired Weapon: Ice Vulcan (Marisa)/White Rose Cluster (Alice)

The slow-witted ice fairy is a good choice for the first boss to take on, as many of her attacks can easily be avoided. By remaining in the corner, you stay out of the way of most of her moves and the falling icicles, and if she jumps over to stand right next to you, the Ice Vulcans she fires will wind up behind you and harmlessly hit the wall. She also shoots tiny icicles in a triangular pattern; because of their small size they are surprisingly easy to jump through. The only attack Cirno has that gives cause for concern is the White Rose Cluster, where she charges a massive snowball and hurls it at you; this requires quick timing to jump over. The Psycho Missile or Mental Sacrifice makes the job of taking her down even easier.

Eirin Yagokoro[edit]

Weakness: Ice Vulcan (Marisa)/White Rose Cluster (Alice)
Acquired Weapon: Black Lotus (Marisa)/Force Crisis (Alice)

Eirin isn't the easiest boss to beat, but compared to her pit-filled nightmare of a stage she's pretty straightforward. Her attacks aren't hard to dodge individually, but she tends to spam them all in rapid succession. These include the Black Lotus, energy balls that travel along the floor in pairs; arrows fired from her bow which rain down from the sky en masse; and the Hourai Elixir, green blobs that home on your current position and can be destroyed. When her life gets low, she'll fire arrows that will become the Force Crisis, enormous meteors falling slowly from the sky. If Alice starts charging a White Rose Cluster immediately and stays close to Eirin, the Cluster will keep charging as long as Alice doesn't get hit and will strike Eirin continuously, allowing you to defeat her in practically no time.

Yuyuko Saigyouji[edit]

Weakness: Black Lotus (Marisa)/Force Crisis (Alice)
Acquired Weapon: Butterfly Stream (Marisa)/Reincarnation Ghost (Alice)

Yuyuko can be frustratingly hard to hit, because of her constant appearing and disappearing, which makes her invincible. She also summons her Reincarnation Ghost frequently, a shield of ghosts which deflects shots away from her. However, the shield isn't perfect; it isn't easy, but if you aim carefully you can sneak shots through the gaps between the ghosts. She'll usually walk across the ground, scattering butterflies everywhere, or float in the air and fire the ghosts out in a circle while shooting out cherry petals in a pentagram pattern. She'll also occasionally shoot twin lasers at your current position, about a second apart. Aiming Eirin's weapons isn't easy, but it only takes four hits with the Force Crisis to drop Yuyuko. When her life gets low she'll hover in the middle of the screen and shoot lasers continuously; when she does this she's a sitting duck and you should be able to finish her easily.

Reimu Hakurei[edit]

Weakness: Butterfly Stream (Marisa)/Reincarnation Ghost (Alice)
Acquired Weapon: Yin-Yang Strike (Marisa)/Homing Amulet (Alice)

Reimu's attacks mostly consist of small projectiles in large swarms. Her Persuasion Needles will be fired when she's moving around on the ground; just jump over them. When she jumps, she may fire off a large group of paper amulets in circular swarms. On the ground and standing still she'll shoot a group of amulets that will flatten out and snake towards you, requiring good timing to jump over them. As you cause damage to her, she will summon large, red yin-yang orbs that bounce on the ground. These cannot be destroyed and cause very high damage to you so avoid them at all costs. When her life gets low she will summon yin-yangs nonstop so you have to beat her quickly before she floods the screen with them. Yuyuko's weapons take her down nice and easy; Butterfly Stream has longer range but Reincarnation Ghost is easier to aim. When you encounter her again in the teleporter room, use the Yin-Yang Strike against the orbs to eliminate them--no muss, no fuss, no damage.

Remilia Scarlet[edit]

Weakness: Yin-Yang Strike (Marisa)/Homing Amulet (Alice)
Acquired Weapon: Red Magic (Marisa)/Bloody Cross (Alice)

The Scarlet Devil is very quick and can fill up the screen with projectiles in short order, but with Reimu's weapon, she's manageable. She may fly up and cling to one of the overhead ledges; she will then either unleash a cloud of danmaku made up of small and large red orbs, or dive down onto the floor, releasing red blasts in five directions when she hits the ground. She can also leap into the air and fly back down rapidly, zigzagging from one side of the screen to the other, and can split herself apart into bats, which will converge and reform at your current position. When her life gets low she'll start spamming the orbs more energetically. The Yin-Yang Strike and Homing Amulet are both essentially fire-and-forget weapons, and Remilia is vulnerable any time she hasn't split herself into bats, so fire a few times and then concentrate on avoiding projectiles. Remember the Yin-Yang Strike can't reach her when she's on the ceiling; wait until she comes down to use it.

Sakuya Izayoi[edit]

Weakness: Red Magic (Marisa)/Bloody Cross (Alice)
Acquired Weapon: Thousand Knives (Marisa)/Quicksilver (Alice)

Sakuya is, surprisingly, one of the easiest bosses to defeat, and is an alternate first or second boss to tackle (especially because Thousand Knives is so handy). She mainly jumps around and 'teleports' from place to place (she's actually stopping time and moving around), tossing knives as she goes. Any knives thrown downwards will bounce back upwards when they hit the ground. When she walks back and forth on the ground, she'll throw four knives horizontally. The knives 'hesitate' for a moment before moving forwards, causing them to briefly overlap with her sprite. Run towards her immediately and jump over her and you'll clear both her and the knives in the same jump, letting you shoot her in the back. When her life gets low, she will jump into the air and fill the screen with knives, then change their directions in midair (red and blue ones continue on their normal paths, green ones have had their paths changed). Blast her when she lands or fire the Red Magic up at her diagonally. There are so many you'll have to 'graze' them to avoid getting hit; remember you don't get hurt if they touch your head, just your body. Remilia's weapon smokes her easily, especially with the damaging residue the Red Magic leaves behind. Collecting Thousand Knives is highly recommended, especially if you cannot quickly move around platforms - anyone who's played Quick Man's stage in Mega Man 2 will know why.

Youmu Konpaku[edit]

Weakness: Thousand Knives (Marisa)/Quicksilver (Alice)
Acquired Weapon: Ghost Cutter (Marisa)/Rolling Slash (Alice)

Youmu is very difficult, mainly because of her speed. Her attack style is somewhat reminiscent of Mega Man 2's Quick Man, in that she runs back and forth, then jumps to attack. Her attacks are all powerful and dangerous. Her Ghost Cutter is a green wave she shoots when she's on the ground and has about 1/4 screen range. The Rolling Slash is a jump high in the air surrounded by a red shield; once Youmu lands, she will fire off Ghost Cutters left and right. These have full screen range and must be jumped over unless you are beneath them. She may also jump into the air and fire two streams of arrow-shaped projectiles at your position, so move out of the way. As her desperation move, when she is low on life her 'ghost half' floats to the top middle of the screen and spits continuous streams of red bullets at you. Thousand Knives leaves her practically helpless, as it not only freezes her but damages her heavily. Unfortunately there isn't enough weapon energy to defeat her with Thousand Knives alone (unless you use a weapon energy tank), so an alternate strategy is to use Red Magic (or Marisa or Alice's normal weapons) to take off about a quarter of Youmu's life, then use Thousand Knives for the rest. Shanghai also works, although you probably don't have it at this point. Collecting Rolling Slash is definitely recommended.

Reisen Udongein Inaba[edit]

Weakness: Ghost Cutter (Marisa)/Rolling Slash (Alice)
Acquired Weapon: Psycho Missile (Marisa)/Mental Sacrifice (Alice)

The 'Udonge' is fairly quick but her attacks aren't too hard to dodge, and with the exception of Psycho Missile, they don't cause a lot of damage. She'll jump into the air and shoot her famous suppository-shaped bullets either in a ring or a line at you, but they're small and fairly easy to avoid. She'll also use the Mental Sacrifice, six small projectiles that create explosions when they hit the ground; the explosions are always in the same locations. The Psycho Missile is a big ol' bullet fired at your location, which explodes in a big fireball when it hits the ground (or you), so get out of its way. She can also jump into the air and create three images of herself, which will then shoot streams of bullets at you, but they only last a short time. When her energy is low, she will shoot three Psycho Missiles instead of one, so you'll have to stay on the move; try to deke her out, jumping so she fires over your head. Rolling Slash makes short work of her, but Force Crisis also does decent damage, assuming she stays still long enough to hit.


In addition to the end-stage bosses, there are several other unique characters from the Touhou series you will encounter during the course of the stages who are considerably more powerful than normal enemies.

Aya Shameimaru[edit]


Weakness: Butterfly Stream (Marisa)/Force Crisis (Alice)

Appearing only in Reimu's stage, Aya is more of a nuisance than a threat. She blows gusts of wind periodically that push you backwards, usually into a swarming group of enemies, similar to the Fan Fiends from Air Man's stage in Mega Man 2. This does make for some difficult jumps, so always get rid of her when you see her. Both of her weakness weapons can hit her from far away.

Komachi Onozuka[edit]


In Youmu's stage, Komachi is there to help you rather than hurt you. Near the start of the stage, you have to hop into her boat so she can (very slowly) ferry you across the river to reach the temple where Youmu is. However, on your way, you'll have to fight off massive hordes of ghosts floating over the river. While you can stand in Komachi's boat, power-ups fall through it, making collecting them difficult. Make sure not to let the ghosts knock you out of the boat to your death; Reincarnation Ghost is the best defensive weapon although Mental Sacrifice, Red Magic, Psycho Missile, Butterfly Stream and Force Crisis will also work. Don't use Thousand Knives, save your ammo for Youmu.

You'll encounter Komachi one more time. During Alice's battle against Shikieiki, you will occasionally see a sign saying "WARNING" flashing on one side of the screen. About two seconds later, Komachi will come bouncing across the screen from that direction in her boat. Getting hit hurts very badly; make absolutely sure you jump over her. You can't hurt Komachi, so don't bother shooting her.

Lily White[edit]


Weakness: Red Magic (Marisa)/Rolling Slash (Alice)

The highly annoying spring fairy shows up in Cirno and Yuyuko's stages, complicating already dangerous jumps, flinging flower petals into the sky that drop down to the ground and persistently hovering over your head, making it very easy to run into her in midair, fall into a pit and die. Either finish her off or run past her as fast as you can when she first appears, to get as much of a head start on her as possible. Even if you shoot her down, after 15-20 seconds she'll reappear until you exit the area she inhabits. Rolling Slash takes her down in one hit, otherwise shooting her is a laborious task. Her palette-swapped black version appears in stage 3-B of Patchouli's castle.

Lunasa Prismriver, Merlin Prismriver & Lyrica Prismriver[edit]

Mmlunasa.png Mmmerlin.png


The Prismriver Sisters appear in several stages, usually in a group or nearby each other, although occasionally you will see them by themselves; Lunasa and Lyrica are solo in Sakuya's stage (Lyrica is actually in an unreachable area apparently deleted from the game by the programmers) and Merlin is by herself in Remilia's stage. Other stages they appear in are Eirin's, Yuyuko's and Youmu's. They also show up in the first and fourth stages of Patchouli's fortress.

They essentially function as the game's Sniper Joes; usually they are shielded from attack by their instruments, only becoming vulnerable when they perform their attacks. Lunasa shoots musical notes from her violin in a spread of three, with the middle burst aimed directly at you; she is the hardest to avoid. Merlin shoots notes from her trumpet in a sinusoidal wave pattern that moves very fast but always stays the same; once you find the right spot to stand in you can always completely avoid her attacks. Lyrica fires her notes from her keyboard straight up in the air, at which point they spread out and fall down slowly. Her attack is the most random in nature and she can be easy or hard depending on where you are in relation to her. Alice's regular shot can penetrate their shields, making her the preferred character to deal with the sisters.

Medicine Melancholy[edit]


Weakness: Force Crisis (Alice)

Medicine, the homicidal doll, basically acts like the Top Fiends from Mega Man 3. She throws out blobs of suzuran poison at one-second intervals that travel along the ground and damage you if you touch them. Unfortunately, unlike the Top Fiends, her projectiles cannot be shot and must be jumped over. She takes quite a few shots to destroy, but with the right timing it's fairly simple to jump right over her; she won't turn to face you, so you can shoot her in the back without any fear. She first appears in Eirin's stage and again in the first and second Patchouli stages, where you should use the Force Crisis to get rid of her easily. Alice's Shanghai Doll can also be used to take her out from a distance.

Hong Meiling[edit]


Weakness: Red Magic (Marisa)

Meiling, aka China, is the first enemy you face in both stages that take place at Scarlet Devil Mansion (Remilia's and Sakuya's). Her method of attack is to run at you and perform a flying kick, then turn around and do the same from the other side. She runs for a slightly longer time before jumping when running left to right as opposed to right to left. Once you have her pattern down you can make her jump over you every time, but she hits very hard, depleting 1/4 of your health bar if she hits. In Remilia's stage you will have to face her again about halfway through, but she can be avoided by flying over her with the Super Broom. Like Sakuya, Meiling cannot stand up to her mistress' weapon, and a single shot of Red Magic takes her out. In stage 4 of Patchouli's castle, she is the final enemy between you and the teleporter room for the boss re-fights--but you'll be up against two of her at the same time, as she is accompanied by a semi-transparent 'shadow' that mimics her moves and hits just as hard as she does. Fortunately the shadow is weak to the Red Magic as well, so just blast them.



Weakness: Red Magic (Marisa)/Force Crisis (Alice)

Rumia, the impressively named but rather weak and childish youkai of darkness, doesn't really attack you. All she does is make the screen go dark, like the holograms from Shadow Man's stage in Mega Man 3. Unfortunately there's no Magnet Missiles to save you this time, so you'll have to be careful since she lurks around traps and bottomless pits. Since she tends to be high in the air she can be difficult to hit, but it's worth it to make the effort rather than try to wing it in pitch black. She mainly lurks in the first part of Eirin's stage, but can be found in Reisen's stage as well, guarding a Star Tank, if you know where to look.



Koakuma is Patchouli's assistant and the final opposition between you and Patchouli's saucer. As such, she only appears in the fifth and final stage of Patchouli's fortress. Her attacks are identical to the original game; she generates magic circles that throw daggers continuously and shoots huge red danmaku orbs in a circular pattern. You may want to use Thousand Knives as soon as she appears to get past her quickly (Red Magic works also), but try to save enough ammo for it to activate the glitch to skip the Saucer fight. Otherwise, stand far to the left of her so she only partially appears on screen. This way you can quickly scroll her red shots off the screen by backing up, leaving only a few daggers to dodge while you pick her off from afar.

Castle Bosses[edit]

Yukari Yakumo[edit]


Weakness: Red Magic (Marisa)/Force Crisis (Alice)

Ran Yakumo & Chen[edit]


Weakness: Reincarnation Ghost (Alice)

Yukari is the first boss of Patchouli's castle, and the fight would be a straightforward one if not for the arena it takes place in: You have to battle her on moving blocks suspended over a bottomless pit, where one false move or getting hit at the wrong time can result in instant death. To top it off, Yukari is only vulnerable for a few seconds at a time, when she fully materializes. She'll shoot a large orb at you, then she will turn transparent and summon her two shikigami, Ran and Chen. They will fly clockwise around the room, spinning and shooting orbs at you in spread patterns before flying at your current position and off the screen. Ran (the blonde one in white) is the more dangerous of the two because she fires more shots and takes more hits to get rid of. While you can defeat Ran and Chen, Yukari will just summon them again later, but you may as well get rid of Chen so you have less shots to dodge.

If you do defeat both shikigami before they finish their attacks, it will force Yukari to materialize again prematurely; otherwise she'll reappear after they fly at you. She keeps the same pattern no matter how much life she has, so once you've got it down, things should get easier. Red Magic and Force Crisis will both stick it to Yukari, but Red Magic is obviously easier to hit her with since you can shoot it straight up or at an upwards angle. Reincarnation Ghost is the best weapon to take out Ran and Chen, but be judicious about when you use it so you don't use up all its energy (if you have Butterfly Stream instead, that will also work). Yukari can't hurt you by contact when she's transparent, so don't hesitate to move around or through her if you need to dodge the shikigami's shots. Try not to get stuck at any of the edges of the screen, lest the ground you're standing on drop out from under you.

Suika Ibuki[edit]


Weakness: Yin-Yang Strike (Marisa)/Reincarnation Ghost (Alice)

Suika, the second stage boss, starts her fight in a similar fashion to the Yellow Devil, a frequently recurring slime monster boss in the Mega Man series. At the start of the fight, small Suikas will come flying straight across the screen from the left side to the right, turning into shining lights. Quick jumping will be required to avoid them. When enough Suikas have gathered, they form into the big Suika. This is the only version that can be damaged. She will perform one of three attacks in her big form: She will either jump and attempt to land on you, she will fire off two streams of red rings, or she will catch a rock falling from the sky and toss it at you like Guts Man from Mega Man 1. Dodge the rings by moving to a corner and jumping over them, and the jump and rock by getting out of the way.

After she finishes her attack, she will break into mini Suikas that will fly off the screen in all 8 cardinal directions. When she reforms, the small Suikas will follow one of three patterns; they will fly in horizontally, run across the ground, or hop and jump. The jumping ones are probably the easiest to avoid (run under them), and the runners are hardest to dodge. If Suika tries to jump on you, have Alice use the Reincarnation Ghost to hit her from up close; otherwise have Marisa use the Yin-Yang Strike and get out of the way while the weapons do their work. Either weapon can hit Suika repeatedly and will finish her quickly. Just keep an eye on your life.

Copy Marisa[edit]


Weakness: Red Magic (Marisa)

This clone of Marisa is the first boss in stage three of the fortress, and Marisa has to fight her on her own. She only has two attack patterns: she will either run on the ground and fire shots just like your regular ones, or she will jump around and fire shots while in the air. Her behavior is somewhat like Proto Man in Mega Man 3. Just jump her shots and blast her with the Red Magic. Once her life is down to half, she will get a magic mushroom and change to her second form.

Super Marisa[edit]


Weakness: Psycho Missile (Marisa)

The second form only has two attacks, but they are both very powerful and hurt a lot. She'll start by jumping up offscreen and dropping down on your current position, so get out of the way. When she lands, a bunch of green blocks will fall from the sky; make sure not to get crushed by them. She'll then do one of two things; if she holds her arms over her head and starts to run in place, she's going to run at you quickly. Stand on the blocks and jump over her to avoid. If she rears back and clenches her arms, she's going to shoot the Master Spark, a huge laser. Drop down onto the floor and the beam will pass harmlessly over your head. You get less than a second of warning either way, so you have to act decisively. Wait until she stops attacking to shoot her. If you have the Psycho Missile, use it; otherwise just stick to your normal attack. Beat her to finish Marisa's half of stage 3.

Shikieiki Yamaxanadu[edit]


Weakness: Rolling Slash (Alice)

Here comes the judge... Alice has to battle Shikieiki solo, and the fight takes place in a courtroom with fairy and fuzzball spectators. During the fight, the crowd will be taking potshots at you and the fuzzies will randomly jump into the action, so watch your back. Shikieiki herself has several different attacks. She can shoot lasers from her sceptre, which will start out as a wide spread but quickly narrow, trying to box you in; stay close to the center beam and the outer ones will miss you. She will also fire out rings of orb-shaped projectiles; wait for them to spread apart, then slip between them. The same goes for the swords she fires. Her most irritating attack is dropping blue jewel pillars from the sky; they cause high damage, take a long time to clear off the screen once they bury into the ground, and they reflect your shots. Also be on the lookout for Komachi and her boat, who will come flying across the screen shortly after you see the "Warning" sign. The Rolling Slash does great damage on her and can beat her fairly quick; the problem is staying alive. You don't have to hit Shikieiki herself--just hitting the podium around her with the Rolling Slash is good enough to cause damage. If you have the Mega Tank from the area just before the boss fight, it will make things much easier. Beat her to finish Alice's half of stage 3 and move on to the next stage.

Teleporter Room[edit]

Some traditions you just don't mess with.

In typical Mega Man fashion, you have to re-fight the original eight bosses here before moving on to Patchouli. Youmu and Remilia should be the last two bosses fought, since they are the most difficult; the difficulty of individual fights can vary wildly depending on what attacks the bosses use against you. Each boss gives you a large Mushroom as a reward when you beat her, so grab them to recover life in between battles. After finishing all eight, a door appears that leads to an elevator and Patchouli.

Patchouli Knowledge[edit]

  • Weakness: Rolling Slash (Alice)/Yin-Yang Strike (Marisa)

The first fight against Patchouli can actually be skipped with a glitch that requires Thousand Knives and at least enough weapon energy to perform it once. When you arrive in the room with the two magic-refilling crystals right before Patchouli, switch to Thousand Knives and use it just before you pass into the room where Patchouli is. Run quickly across the screen, jump over Patchouli and keep running to the right. You should make it to the next room just before the time stop wears off, enabling you to skip the fight and move on through the door to the next battle.

Otherwise, if you intend to fight Patchouli, you'll have to dodge her Non-Directional Laser. It starts with blue lasers going counterclockwise, followed a second or so later by pink lasers going clockwise. Run to the right to dodge the blue lasers, then double back to the left to avoid the pink ones. Her other attacks include bouncing bubbles you can run underneath, spinning energy-blade projectiles, and fireballs that cause gigantic pillar-type explosions when they hit the ground (all are lifted from her moves in Immaterial and Missing Power). You'll be seeing these frequently from here on; watch out for them. She'll spend most of her time in the air, so aerial attacks like the Rolling Slash are the preferred method of doing damage. She has no life bar, so just keep hitting her until she retreats. Follow her to the next room and get ready for another fight.

Note that both Patchouli's bubbles and her metal blades can be easily destroyed with the Yin-Yang Strike. This weapon also deals favorable damage and is a good weapon overall to use here.

Patchouli Machine (First Form)[edit]

Not quite the 'holy crap' factor of Megaman 2's first Wily Machine, but still dangerous.

Weakness: Psycho Missile (Marisa)/Mental Sacrifice (Alice)

The Machine is gigantic and takes up the right half of the screen so your mobility will be restricted. It has three attacks. First is a series of green waves that function basically like the shots fired by the first Dr. Wily machine in Mega Man 2; they start on a downwards trajectory but then curve up. If you're close, jump over them; if you're far away, get to the left corner and let them pass above you. The second attack is a massive number of thin pink lasers fired indiscriminately towards the left; the individual shots are small and thin so try to jump between them, as they move very slowly. Finally it can fire four fireballs at your position one after another; each one makes a Psycho Missile-like explosion when it blows. To dodge, either start in the middle and run left or start at the left and run right. Counter with some explosives of your own; Psycho Missile can hit two or three times with one shot, properly aimed, so this is your preferred weapon. Keep firing whenever you have a clear shot and aren't avoiding an attack; eventually you'll wear it down and it will move to phase two.

Patchouli Machine (Second Form)[edit]

I'm a little teapot, short and stout, here is my handle, here is my death laser--wait, what?

Weakness: Butterfly Stream (Marisa)/Force Crisis (Alice)

What IS that thing, a teapot? Anyway, the second version has three attacks. First is similar to the green waves from the first part, except they're fired in a row. Second, the machine will throw out three fireballs left and right that will bounce and roll until they stop. When they stop, they'll explode into huge columns of fire. You do not want to be standing over one of these. The third is a simple spread shot of red orbs; they move slowly and are more of a distraction than a threat. Butterfly Stream brings this one down almost too easily, hitting it multiple times with one shot, and it's an enormous target. Force Crisis, Red Magic, Reincarnation Ghost and Rolling Slash can all sub for it if you don't have it; once this thing goes down, Patchouli will beat a retreat in her saucer and you can head to the final stage.

Patchouli Saucer[edit]


Weakness: Force Crisis (Alice)/Black Lotus (Marisa)/Homing Amulet (Alice)/Butterfly Stream (Marisa)

Like the very first Patchouli fight, you can exploit the same glitch with Thousand Knives to skip this battle. Just before you enter the door, activate Thousand Knives, and run straight across the screen to the next screen to go right to the fight against Mecha-Patchouli. (If you used Thousand Knives to get past Koakuma, you have to wait for it to wear off before you can activate it again, so don't rush headlong into the door.) You should have enough energy to use it thanks to the crystals at the starting point.

One of the Saucer's three attacks is similar to the Wily Capsule from Mega Man 4 and Mega Man 5; a ring-shaped pink laser fired at your position. The second attack is six laser shots in two groups of three. One group will go over the saucer, the other will go under. Just wait for the one at your level to be fired and jump over it. The third and final attack is telegraphed when the saucer goes a while without attacking. Get over into either corner and as soon as it fires, run in the other direction; a big blue laser will come down and track your position, but as long as you keep moving you shouldn't be hit. The Black Lotus and Homing Amulet are the recommended weapons, but as it's likely you don't have either of these, just about any weapon that can be fired into the air can substitute. Force Crisis and Butterfly Stream fit the bill best because they can hit a target no matter how high in the air it is. After you defeat and damage Patchouli's Saucer, chase after it to the right, into the next screen, then approach the saucer to initiate the final battle.



Weakness: Yin-Yang Strike (Marisa)/Force Crisis (Alice)/Red Magic (Marisa)/Bloody Cross (Alice)

As soon as you hear the earthquake sound and you regain control of your character, scamper up the platforms to the top one; hopefully you'll get there by the time the boss's energy bar starts filling up. This is the best place to be since you can avoid most of the attacks the boss makes. Mecha-Patchouli has an arsenal of powerful attacks at its disposal. It may raise its right arm up and over its head; after a second it will slam its hand down and forwards in an arc. Jump up to avoid it, no matter where you are. It can also fire out a deluge of pink laser shots like the Machine did; either take the hit if you have energy to spare or try to sneak through a gap in the shots. It will also shoot lasers from its eyes on an arc going clockwise from the bottom of the screen and ending up on the left side (from about the 6-o'clock to 9-o'clock part of the screen) and a second later the spots where the laser was fired will burst into explosions. Standing on the top platform or the one beneath it will completely avoid this. It may also wiggle its left arm, and then fire out a wide spread of drills at you. This can be easy or impossible to avoid depending on where you are when it starts its attack. If you're low on the screen, you can jump up the platforms to the top one to dodge it. If you start at the top when it starts its attack, you probably won't be able to avoid it since it will aim high for you.

Start the battle as Marisa as her weapons are usually better suited for this fight, switching to Alice when she needs a breather or you run out of ammo. The only part of Mecha-Patchouli that is vulnerable is its face, so the easiest way to hit it is to stand on the top platform and launch a constant stream of Yin-Yang Strikes down on its head. The Force Crisis will also work well but the aiming is a little trickier. Red Magic also works but you have to drop to a lower platform to connect with it, making it a bit riskier. You'll probably run out of energy for at least one of these weapons, so if you still have a Star or Mega Tank, use it. (Why waste it?)

When you get Mecha-Patchouli under half life, it starts to use its ultimate attack; it's telegraphed when the mech starts to flash white and bounce up and down. During this time, it is invulnerable to most attacks. It will flash faster and faster; after it turns completely white, it will shudder four times and on the fourth shudder, fire the attack. If you have less than 75% of your life remaining, you will die if you get hit by this attack. It takes up the entire screen, so the only way to dodge it is to get up to the top platform and then jump up and over it when it fires. The timing is difficult, so don't expect to successfully dodge it on your first try, or your second. This is where the Red Magic comes in handy, as it can hit the mech when it is charging the attack, although you have to drop down to attack, so it's only recommended to use it early in the charging sequence or if you know you can finish the boss before it gets the attack off. Once you've depleted its energy, you've completed the game. Sit back and watch the (rather silly) ending.

Raw Damage Chart[edit]

The following is a chart of the damage each weapon deals against each boss. One full health meter contains 280 HP.

Marisa's Weapons Reimu Remilia Youmu Reisen Cirno Sakuya Yuyuko Eirin Yukari Suika Copy Marisa Super Marisa Shikieiki Patch 1 Patch 2 Patch 3 Patch 4 Patch 5
Stardust Missile (Default) 10 7 15 10 20 10 7 10 10 7 10 7 - 10 10 15 15 2
Yin-Yang Strike (Reimu) 50 50 15 20 20 10 20 10 - 20 20 - - 30 - 20 30 10
Red Magic (Remilia) (1) 7/2 - 15/5 22/7 37/12 60/20 22/7 7/2 30/10 7/2 30/10 15/5 - 22/7 15/5 22/7 30/10 15/5
Ghost Cutter (Youmu) 10 - 10 30 7 12 5 10 - 5 10 - - 20 10 15 20 -
Psycho Missile (Reisen) (2) 10/5 2/1 10/5 10/5 60/30 10/5 - 2/1 20/10 - 20/10 10/5 - - 30/15 15/7 20/10 5/2
Ice Vulcan (Cirno) 5 5 2 10 - 7 2 20 2 5 10 5 - 10 - 5 - -
Thousand Knives (Sakuya) 10 10 50 20 20 - 15 - 5 10 20 - - 10 - 30 - -
Butterfly Stream (Yuyuko) 45 22 15 15 22 22 - 15 22 30 30 15 - 15 7 45 30 -
Black Lotus (Eirin) 10 10 10 20 25 5 40 2 20 5 20 10 - - 10 15 20 5
Alice's Weapons Reimu Remilia Youmu Reisen Cirno Sakuya Yuyuko Eirin Yukari Suika Copy Marisa Super Marisa Shikieiki Patch 1 Patch 2 Patch 3 Patch 4 Patch 5
Spectrum Mystery (Default) (3) 5/10 3/7 7/15 5/10 10/20 5/10 3/7 5/10 5/10 3/7 - - 5/10 5/10 5/10 7/15 7/15 1/2
Shanghai Doll 5 3 7 5 10 5 3 5 5 3 - - 5 5 5 7 7 1
Homing Amulet (Reimu) 25 15 7 10 10 5 10 5 - 10 - - - 15 - 10 15 5
Bloody Cross (Remilia) 5 - 10 15 25 40 15 5 20 5 - - 5 15 10 15 20 10
Rolling Slash (Youmu) 20 - 20 60 15 25 10 20 - 10 - - 20 40 20 30 40 -
Mental Sacrifice (Reisen) 5 1 5 5 30 5 - 1 10 - - - 7 - 15 7 10 2
White Rose Cluster (Cirno) (4) 5/7/15 5/7/15 2/3/7 10/15/30 - 7/11/22 2/3/7 20/30/60 2/3/7 5/7/15 - - 2/3/7 10/15/30 - 5/7/15 - -
Quicksilver (Sakuya) 10 10 50 20 20 - 15 - 5 10 - - - 10 - 30 - -
Reincarnation Ghost (Yuyuko) 30 15 10 10 15 15 - 10 15 20 - - - 10 5 30 20 -
Force Crisis (Eirin) 20 20 20 40 50 10 80 4 40 10 - - - - 20 30 40 10
  • (1) Red Magic deals the first listed damage with its main burst and the second listed damage with the trail it leaves behind.
  • (2) Psycho Missile deals the first listed damage with the initial missile and the second listed damage with the remaining explosion.
  • (3) Spectrum Mystery deals the first listed damage from a distance and the second listed damage when used at a very close range.
  • (4) White Rose Cluster deals an increasing amount of damage depending on which of its three charge levels it is in.