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飯綱丸 (いいずなまる) (めぐむ)
Megumu Iizunamaru
Megumu Iizunamaru
Megumu Iizunamaru in Unconnected Marketeers
Chief of the Crow Tengu
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Great Tengu


Capable of manipulating the starry sky

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星降る天魔の山 (Unconnected Marketeers)

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Megumu Iizunamaru (飯綱丸 龍 Iizunamaru Megumu) is the Stage 5 boss and primary antagonist of Unconnected Marketeers.

General Information[edit]


In Unconnected Marketeers, Megumu is initially polite yet cunningly deceitful, lying through omission to the protagonist and convincing them to battle her former business partner, Chimata Tenkyuu. She is singularly concerned with concentrating power into the hands of the tengu, and is willing to set different factions against each other to achieve her goals.


Capable of manipulating the starry sky

While not referenced directly, her powers over the starry sky are seen in her in-game danmaku patterns in Unconnected Marketeers, as she mostly uses star-shaped bullets.

High ranking tengu

Being a great tengu, she can give orders to tengu of lower rank, and it's mentioned the great tengu's orders are "absolute." However, she is still not as highly-ranked as Tenma. According to her in-game profile, she can also give orders to other mountain-dwelling youkai as well, although some choose to disobey her as they are not so strictly bound to the hierarchy of tengu society.

Background Information[edit]


Great Tengu are high-ranking tengu.


Her given name, Megumu (龍) is an alternate reading of dragon (龍, ryū), and is the same dragon as seen in Kouryuudou (虹龍洞), or Rainbow Dragon Cave, the Japanese title of Unconnected Marketeers. It is also likely a pun on megumu (恵む), which means "to give money to." Given the name of the Rainbow Dragon Cave, and Momoyo Himemushi's stated ability to eat dragons, it's unclear what plot significance this has.

Her surname, Iizunamaru (飯綱丸), is a combination of fox spirit (飯綱, iizuna), and round (丸, maru). Maru (丸) in particular is typically seen in other names of tengu characters, such as Aya Shameimaru. It's unclear how her name relates to Tsukasa Kudamaki, who is also a fox spirit and her loyal confidant.


In Unconnected Marketeers, Megumu appears wearing a modern dark blue dress with white trim and belts, and a golden pauldron on her left shoulder with a large blue inset gemstone. She wears a black cape with white fur tufts lining the bottom, a blue tokin, and dark violet geta, all typical clothing choices for tengu. She also carries what appears to be a tripod over her right shoulder. She has blue hair and red eyes.



Unconnected Marketeers

In Unconnected Marketeers, Megumu forms an alliance with Chimata Tenkyuu for the purposes of distributing Ability Cards. It's described as a somewhat self-serving and one-sided alliance on Megumu's side, where Chimata was in a weakened state and required help to regain her divine power. Megumu had Chimata use her marketplace abilities to further her own goals, which was to introduce centralized currency into Gensokyo by backing it on the speculative value of the Ability Cards. Until Megumu's scheme was put into motion, the concept of currency having an inherent value or being centralized was not something that existed in Gensokyo,[1] and Megumu saw this as an opportunity to seize power for herself by distorting people's sense of value beyond the inherent value of labour.

At end of the Ability Card Incident in Unconnected Marketeers, she decides to willingly cease distribution of the tengu's currency due to losing her alliance with Chimata, but not without first attempting to manipulate the protagonist into defeating Chimata for her.


Chimata Tenkyuu[edit]

In Unconnected Marketeers, Chimata was initially Megumu's business partner for the distribution of Ability Cards, to further the tengu's goal of introducing centralized currency into Gensokyo. They had strong ideological differences with how this new "Ability Card marketplace" ought to be run, with Chimata preferring a more ritualistic and regulated exchange of goods, and Megumu preferring a place with a few rules as possible, just so long as the tengu's interests could be served and furthered.

While Chimata entered into the "business arrangement" under duress and in a severely weakened state, she had always planned to gain enough power so that Megumu could no longer keep her under her thumb. By the end of the Ability Card Incident, their relationship had finally descended into outright hostilities when the protagonist arrived and ordered them to cease operations, and when Megumu had realized Chimata had rapidly recovered and become a threat to her plans.

Tsukasa Kudamaki[edit]

Tsukasa appears to be Megumu's loyal confidant and servant.

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