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明羅 (めいら)
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Meira (明羅) is a mysterious female samurai that attacks Reimu Hakurei on stage 2 of Story of Eastern Wonderland, being the boss of that stage. She'll fire barrage of danmaku from her sword, where her last attack is shooting some purple and red bullets that reflects five times of the sides of the screen. Believing that by defeating the Shrine Maiden in battle, she'll gain the powers of Hakurei, she attempts to beat Reimu, but she fails and escapes, where Reimu wanted to bury her. She hasn't been seen since.

Background Information


Her name is Meira (明羅), which can mean "Dark", "Destiny" or "Life". The kanji "" means either "silk", "gauze" or "Latin". "Meira" is actually a common female given name or forename. The kanji can also be pronounced as Akira (あきら), another common female given name or forename.


In Story of Eastern Wonderland's official art, Meira has dark eyes, purple hair, and wears red and white robes that appears to be male clothing. She also wields a sword. Both her and Konngara bare a striking resemblance to each other. They also share a single kanji in their names ().

Additional Information

  • Meira is one of the very few characters in the Touhou Project that was called -san (さん, lit, "Mr" or "Ms") by Reimu Hakurei, a honourific gender-neutral suffix. Rinnosuke Morichika is another known character who Reimu uses this on. Additionally, Reimu mistakes Meira to be a man.
  • Meira is the first character in the whole series to use multi-colored bullets on the same attack pattern.
    • She's also the first to use purple colored bullets.


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