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These messages are from individual pages found throughout the Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red's articles and Symposium of Post-mysticism's Bunbunmaru Newspaper articles. While all of them have the "紙面から"/"From page" header and a number associated with them, there's no direct connection between articles. This page is solely for the sake of easier reading, and they are also posted in numerical order.

Individual Articles

The Text

紙面から From page:
2 幻想郷に響く怪音

2 桜の開花 
2 またも赤い霧…

2 Gensokyo's Mysterious Vibrations

2 This year's cherry blossoms blooming delayed drastically
2 Red mist again...

The difference with the Scarlet Mist Incident is
3 香霖堂店主に聞

3 宿酔に効く新薬登場
3 夜の湖に蜃気楼出現? 原因は不明

3 Explanations of new tools
and old tools from the owner
of Kourindou

3 Here comes a new medicine for hangover.
3 Mirage on the Lake at Night? Cause Unknown

4 猫除けペットボトルは迷信か? 4 Bottles to protect you from cats - superstition?
5 氷の妖精、大ガマに喰われる

5 紅魔館は静観の

5 Fairy of ice, eaten by a large toad

5 The Scarlet Devil Mansion takes a wait-and-see approach

6 長引く冬に氷上の魚釣りが人気 6 Ice fishing rising in popularily with the extended winter.
7 幻想郷初のラジオ 試験放送失敗 7 The failure of Gensokyo's first radio broadcast test
9 古いお茶に注意
9 Old Tea Warning
Tainted tea causing sporadic food poisoning
16 結界近くで銅鐸が大量に発掘 16 Great number of bronze bells excavated near the barrier
17 風で音を奏でる夜 風鈴コンサート体験レポート

17 内外の文化格差

17 The night of playing sounds with wind; the report to experience the wind bell concert

17 Differences in reliefs in

foreign and domestic cultures
18 パチュリーの押花展、近日開催 18 Patchouli's pressed flower exhibition coming soon.
19 空を飛ぶ妖怪受難黄砂と花粉のダブルパンチ 19 Flying Youkai's Misfortunes: A Double Whammy of Yellow Dust and Pollen
21 異変が近い?
21 A incident has come?
Earthquake clouds over Gensokyo
23 竹の子のシーズン到来 23 Bamboo Shoot Season is Here
24 赤提灯に新機軸 下戸のためにおはぎを出す屋台が登場 24 Breakthrough in fast food - a rice ball shop especially for the temperate
25 博麗神社、意外
25 Somehow, the Hakurei shrine was rebuilt with incredible speed.
An unknown new technology?
29 深夜の助け鬼大会でハプニング発生 29 Outbreak in Late-Night Demon-helping Rallies
31 幻想郷各地にかまくら出現 雪見酒か 31 Ice huts appearing all over Gensokyo, brewing sake.
32 芋煮会の参加者募集

32 蜆が豊漁 今年は小粒で高品質
32 注意! 鴉の間で悪性トリインフルインザ大流行中

32 Accepting applications for the Baked Potato Club

32 Good haul of clams, high quality of grains this year
32 Caution! Contagious bird flu spreading among crows.

33 恐怖のトリモチ 鳥の密猟相次ぐ

33 幻想郷史上最大の巨大西瓜出現

33 Fear of birdlime, bird poaching soon to follow

33 The biggest watermelon in the Gensokyo history is found

34 妖精のいたずら? 見えない雨が局所的に大豪雨 34 A fairy's prank? The localized downpour of invisible rain