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Midnight Sky (ミッドナイトスカイ Mayonaka no Sora), is a kojin sākuru (個人サークル) also called as a Personal Circle or a Circle consist of a single developer. Midnight Sky started as an HP (Homepage) or a personal website and it was released on 17th of November, but Shin started to modify games since 11th of Jan on the same date. All of his previous game projects are the modified versions of the original versions of the game.

Although his previous game projects are not Touhou-related, he will try to develop Touhou-related projects in the future.

Megaman: Final Transmission (ロックマン:ファイナルトランスミッション Rokku man: Fainarutoransumisshon) was the last modified game that Shin was planning to develop. But due to his studies and also lack of resources, he decided to stop making games for a while.

He is currently developing his first Touhou Project, entitled First Flight (ファーストフライト Fāsutofuraito), It's an another Touhou SHMUP ("shoot-em-up") game based on Touhou series of danmaku shooters.

Lately, Shin started to develop a fantasy Role Playing Game, entitled Paradigm Shift (パラダイムシフト Paradaimushifuto) and he announced that title is already his official game.

On his 20th birthday, he officially announced Crimson Circle (クリムゾンサークル Kurimuzon sākuru) to the public. A Development Team that consists of persons with whom one shares a common goal or interest.

Shin decided to develop a multi-core development projects with a number of variations pertaining to different areas such as Web Development, Game Development, Graphics Designing, Multimedia Development, Software Development, Hardware Development, Operating System Development, and Mobile Application Development. So he informed his circle of friends about his plan to develop a wide range of development projects especially on Game Development.


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Shin (シン) — Lead Programmer, Script, Character Graphics, System Graphics, and Sound Effects

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ミッドナイトスカイ REMASTERED / REMIX OSTs Compilation
Release date: 2010

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