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奥野田 (おくのだ) 美宵 (みよい)
Miyoi Okunoda
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Miyoi Okunoda in Lotus Eaters
The Poster Girl of Geidontei, the Fantasy Pub
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Miyoi Okunoda (奥野田 美宵 Okunoda Miyoi) is a Zashiki-warashi working at the Geidontei pub and the main protagonist of Lotus Eaters.

General Information[edit]

Miyoi appears as the main protagonist in Lotus Eaters along with Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame. She is a zashiki-warashi that resides in Geidontei and possessed the Ibuki Gourd to see the world outside of the bar, attempting parties all over the place.


She's the poster girl of Geidontei. This means that she is a representative of the bar. She doesn't seem to actually be the one owning the bar, but is seen delivering the drinks to customers, so she's considered the waitress.

Her relationship with the owner is a mystery. In chapter 3, Miyoi tells Marisa that he probably isn't ware of her working there, but Marisa mentions that he talked to her like he was her "grand-daughter", in which Miyoi doesn't respond directly but instead gives off a grin.

It's unknown how long she's worked there, but It's mentioned by her in chapter 6 that she had lived before the bar was called Geidontei and before it had It's current owner after Suika told Miyoi about her possessing the Ibuki Gourd without permission.

Character Design[edit]


Her first name is Miyoi (美宵), and means "beautiful evening". Her last name, Okunoda (奥野田), might be a reference to the japanese winery of the same name.


Miyoi has pink hair and green eyes. Her right sidelock is shaped like a hook. She wears a blue hat shaped like a whale and a blue apron with a stylized drawing of a whale. The whale is the symbol of Geidontei. Her shirt is light blue and long-sleeved with crossed ribbons on the chest, the sleeves are usually rolled up when she is working. Her skirt is purple with red and white papers stuck on them, resembling the Ibuki Gourd.

Before she possessed the Ibuki Gourd, she wore a short kimono instead of a shirt and skirt. The kimono had cloud patterns on it

Miyoi's Appearances[edit]


Lotus Eaters


Suika Ibuki

At first, Miyoi moved into the Ibuki Gourd without Suika's permission to be able to see the world outside of Geidontei. Suika is aware of this but lets Miyoi do as she pleased for a while. When she questions Miyoi's motives, they got along quite well and came to an agreement: Suika will let Miyoi stay in the Ibuki Gourd whenever she wants to and, in return, Miyoi will keep Geidontei open late whenever Suika stops by.