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This library is used only to fix some Scribunto bugs in special cases.
eg. If the built-in mw.text.split crashes lua interpreter, try using the one from this module.

split(text, separator)[edit]

split is opposite function to table.concat.
The separator is a pattern, so any of the magic characters ^$()%.[]*+-? should be escaped with a % when not used as element of pattern.
All the table elements are trimmed.

string.explode('This is a test', ' ')
string.explode('This -=- is -=-\na -=- test', '%-=%-')
string.explode('This 0 is 1 a 2 test', '%d') -- %d means "any digit"
-- will return a table
{'This', 'is', 'a', 'test'}

table.concat(string.explode('Another test string.', ' '), '*foo*')
-- will return a string
-- though usage of string.gsub is preferred

For more advanced example involving parsing of page content, see sclist and its talk page at Polish Touhou Wiki.


Removes any preceding and trailing whitespace characters from string. Useful when using unnamed parameters for comparison. Named parameters don't require trimming.

{{#invoke:Some script|func
| Value 1
| Value 2
| named1 = Value 3
{{#invoke:Some script|func|Value 1|Value 2|named1=Value 3|...

Both calls can produce different results!
Assuming that f1 and f2 are frame objects of both calls:

f1.args[1] == f2.args[1] -- false
f1.args[2] == f2.args[2] -- false
f1.args['named1'] == f2.args['named1'] -- true
-- This is just a helper library that implements some missing features from current Scribunto release

local common = require("Module:Common")

text = {}

function text.trim(val)
  return tostring(val):gsub("^%s*(.-)%s*$", "%1")

function text.split(str, sep, lit)
  local pos = 1
  local t = {}
  if not common.isset(sep) or not common.isset(str) then return t end
    for s, e in function() return string.find(str, sep, pos) end do
    t[#t+1] = text.trim(string.sub(str, pos, s-1))
    pos = e+1
  t[#t+1] = text.trim(string.sub(str, pos))
  return t

return text