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Momoyo Himemushi

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姫虫 (ひめむし) 百々世 (ももよ)
Momoyo Himemushi
çimemɯɕi momojo
Momoyo Himemushi
Momoyo Himemushi in Unconnected Marketeers
Onyx Dragon-Eater
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Capable of eating dragons

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Official Games

"Tremble in joy! The mountain shall be your grave!"
Momoyo Himemushi (Unconnected Marketeers Extra Stage)

Momoyo Himemushi (姫虫 百々世 Himemushi Momoyo) is an oomukade, a giant centipede-like youkai purportedly powerful enough to eat dragons. Her first appearance was in Unconnected Marketeers as the Extra Stage boss.

General Information


In Unconnected Marketeers, Momoyo talks in a very direct, casual, and somewhat masculine way, wasting no time with formalities or pleasantries. She also seems to enjoy jokes, saying "The Hakurei shrine maiden!? Ahh, yep. That's her dumb face, all right. Heh-heh-heh. Beg your pardon." in front of Reimu Hakurei. She seems somewhat gullible, but perhaps it boils down to less of a concern with "truth" as it is with doing her job and demonstrating her immense power to others. Despite that, she does care about fairness to some degree, as seen in Marisa Kirisame's route in the game where she agrees to give Marisa some of the gems found in the Rainbow Dragon Cave if Marisa won their duel, and honouring that agreement when Marisa wins. She seems to enjoy duelling and fighting in general, valuing strength in others above all else, as seen when she compliments the protagonist on her fighting ability after their duel, and invites the protagonist to a rematch someday in the future.



In the foothills, oomukade (lit. giant centipede) are feared as the most powerful of the dragon-slaying youkai, and even dragons themselves don't dare approach them. It's unknown if their reputation extends outside that specific area. They wield great power tempered by the negative aura cast upon them, and Momoyo herself possesses enormous magical power. Legends about her might are also fueled by the fact that almost no one approaches her at all.[1]

Eating dragons

Momoyo's stated ability. It's unknown if she can actually eat dragons.[1]

Background Information


Momoyo might be based on the oomukade from The Tale of Tawara Toda, as that monster was also known to eat dragons.

Centipedes were also associated with wealth, especially precious ores, and in that capacity were sometimes viewed as messengers of Bishamonten.


Her surname, Himemushi (姫虫), contains the kanji for princess ( hime) and insect ( mushi), as if to signify "insect royalty." Given her stated powers as being potentially more powerful than dragons, it may indicate a sense of power, although it seems unlikely she is considered true royalty. This name is also a reference to the 2004 shoot-'em-up game, Mushihime-sama (虫姫さま), a connection reinforced by the fact that her final spell card is named "Mushihime-sama's Resplendent and Restless Daily Life" (蟲姫さまの輝かしく落ち着かない毎日).

Her given name, Momoyo (百々世), means "eternity" or "long era." The ("hundred") in her name is likely derived from 百足 mukade ("centipede").


In Unconnected Marketeers, Momoyo wears a black shirt and black skirt with yellow highlights. Throughout her outfit are bright green chain-links running along the edges of the fabric and being worn as a belt. She has bows wrapped around her arms and legs, and a larger one on her back, perhaps signifying the segmented body of a centipede, which oomukade are based on. She carries a brass-coloured shovel and pickaxe, presumably as tools for her job mining the Rainbow Dragon Cave.

A part of her hair also has the shape of a centipede fang.


Momoyo's sprite in UM


Unconnected Marketeers

Momoyo appears as the Extra boss of the game. The player enters the Rainbow Dragon Cave and after defeating Tsukasa gets spotted by Momoyo, who thinks Misumaru and the player are the thieves Tsukasa mentioned, and attacks the player. After getting defeated, Momoyo comments she was pleased to fight someone so strong, and invites the player to a rematch in the future.


100th Black Market

In 100th Black Market, Momoyo appears as the one of the 6th market bosses. Her ability card, a centipede, can be acquired. 


Megumu Iizunamaru

Momoyo works with her, and unlike Megumu's hostile relationship with Chimata Tenkyuu, the two are friends. Momoyo values ​​the Tengu because she dared to face her, while most hide from Oomukade like her, and also because Megumu is a natural fighter.

Tsukasa Kudamaki

As Megumu Iizunamaru's (supposed) subordinate, they know each other. Tsukasa manipulates Momoyo like everyone else, so she triggers the fight against Momoyo and the protagonist in the extra stage. Momoyo, in turn, threatens Tsukasa and blackmails her to keep silent about the fact that she is leaving treasures to Marisa Kirisame for her victory.

Misumaru Tamatsukuri

Misumaru Tamatsukuri, who is very reluctant to mine the Youkai Mountain and dig for dragon stones, instructs the protagonist to stop Momoyo. Misumaru's attempt to negotiate with Momoyo is thwarted by Tsukasa Kudamaki.

Spell Cards

Spell Cards
Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 12
蠱毒「カニバリスティックインセクト」 Kodoku "Cannibalistic Insect" UM St. Ex
蠱毒「ケイブスウォーマー」 Kodoku "Cave Swarmer" UM St. Ex
蠱毒「スカイペンドラ」 Kodoku "Sky Pendra" UM St. Ex
採掘「積もり続けるマインダンプ」 Mining "Ever-Accumulating Mine Dump" UM St. Ex
採掘「マインブラスト」 Mining "Mine Blast" UM St. Ex
採掘「妖怪達のシールドメソッド」 Mining "Shield Method of the Youkai" UM St. Ex
大蜈蚣「スネークイーター」 Oomukade "Snake Eater" UM St. Ex
大蜈蚣「ドラゴンイーター」 Oomukade "Dragon Eater" UM St. Ex
「蠱毒のグルメ」 "Kodoku Gourmet" UM St. Ex
「蟲姫さまの輝かしく落ち着かない毎日」 "Mushihime-sama's Resplendent and Restless Daily Life" UM St. Ex
蠱毒「リボルトスウォーマー」 Kodoku "Revolt Swarmer" HBM 6th Market
「千切れもがき苦しむ蟲の怨み」 "Grudge of the Torn-Apart Insects Writhing in Agony" HBM 6th Market

Additional Information

  • Momoyo is currently the only character in the series to use ore (俺) to refer to herself. It is generally considered a very informal masculine-sounding pronoun.
  • Assuming that Momoyo is the Great Centipede from The Tale of Tawara Toda, she was once killed by Fujiwara no Hidesato, who was Fujiwara no Mokou's great-great-great-great nephew.
  • Momoyo's in-game spell card cutin doesn't have any white color around her eyes.


Official Profiles

Momoyo Himemushi ○エキストラボス


  姫虫 百々世 (ひめむし ももよ)
  Himemushi Momoyo









Extra Stage Boss

Onyx Dragon-Eater

Momoyo Himemushi

Species: Oomukade
Ability: Capable of eating dragons

The giant centipede.
A youkai that's despised for various reasons, such as its grotesque form and unpleasant toxins.
Even massive dragons don't dare approach them. In the foothills, they're feared as the most powerful of the dragon-slaying youkai.

They hold gigantic magic power tempered by the aura of negativity cast upon them, and her magic is particularly strong.
Hardly anyone tries to approach her in the first place, which likewise adds fuel to her legends of supreme might.

To be completely honest, nobody knows whether she can actually eat a dragon or not.

But it's true that she was fishing around in the Rainbow Dragon Cave for "dragon gems," which are said to be held by dragons.
As she began excavating dragon gems from the caves, she was approached with a business proposal by her friend Iizunamaru,
a Great Tengu who didn't mind meeting her in person.

Momoyo accepted the job of excavator, carving out the mountain to mine the Rainbow Dragon Cave. Her payment was in dragon gems.
The dragon gems were a good enough substitute for eating her Great Tengu friend, Megumu (whose name is written as 'dragon').

As she was diligently digging up dragon gems every day, she was told that a looter had finally arrived in the mine.
She was thrilled, of course.

"I'm sick of eatin' dragon gems by now.
A mine looter will make for the best dessert around!"

Official Sources

Official sources


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