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This article describes the story of Mountain of Faith in detail.


The plot begins with the Moriya Shrine being transferred from the real world into Gensokyo, to the top of the Youkai Mountain. Once Kanako Yasaka and Suwako Moriya, the gods of the shrine, settle down, they begin to exert influence over those living on the mountain - the kappa, tengu, and other youkai. They begin to accumulate faith from them and grow more powerful. The tengu, rather displeased with this turn of events, also start planning to defeat the gods at the new shrine, as their own power has decreased because of its appearance. Soon, Sanae Kochiya, the shrine maiden at the Moriya Shrine, is sent out to gather it from more faraway places, which eventually brings her to the Hakurei Shrine.


Autumn has come to Gensokyo, and to its only shrine, the Hakurei Shrine, a common meeting place for its youkai that was seldom visited by its humans. As a result, faith in the Hakurei Shrine's deity began to fall like the leaves from the trees. The shrine maiden Reimu Hakurei is deeply worried when an strange person visited the shrine. She was told to shut down her shrine, otherwise she would be torn down. She knows the shrine can't be allowed to close down due to the role it plays in watching over the Hakurei Border. Marisa Kirisame eventually came to visit, and Reimu explains the situation.

Depending on who you choose, one of these girls finally decides to ascend the Youkai Mountain to confront the mysterious deity behind the threats.

Main Scenario

Reimu Hakurei

Reimu is at the bottom of the Youkai Mountain. She fights with some small fairies and even the god Shizuha Aki, who seems to say nothing. Later Reimu meets her younger sister Minoriko Aki, who is also a god. Reimu smells something sweet, which comes from the god's perfume. Minoriko is worried she will be eaten by Reimu, so she starts to attack, but got easily defeated. Reimu moves on, closer to the Youkai Mountain.

Reimu is in the Great Youkai Forest trying to get to the top of the Youkai Mountain. Another god, Hina Kagiyama, attacked but ran away soon after. Sometime later they meet again, where the god introduces herself and what her intentions are. Hina wants to protect lost human by not letting them go to the mountain, as it may be dangerous there. Still, Reimu wants to pass and starts to fight thinking Hina is a youkai. She won, and finally can go up to the mountain.

At the Untrodden Valley, Reimu met a kappa, but the kappa ran away soon after, leaving Reimu behind in confusion. When they meet again the kappa tries to hide herself using her optical camouflage, but Reimu broke through it. The kappa was surprised that her suit was broken by a human. She went away, but with a warning to not proceed any further. Reimu ignored this. Later on they meet again. The kappa is surprised to see Reimu once more, but still wants her to leave the mountain. Reimu explains why she wants to go up, but the kappa doesn’t think it is a good idea at all. The kappa eventually introduces herself as Nitori Kawashiro, a friend of the humans. She will only let Reimu pass when she proves herself. After the fight, Reimu won and Nitori has one last message for her. She wants Reimu to beat the new god of the mountain.

Going further up, Reimu went to The Waterfall of Nine Heavens where to patrol tengu Momiji Inubashiri is waiting for her, trying to stop her. It did not help, and Momiji ran away to her boss Tenma to report the event. Later on the tengu reporter Aya Shameimaru shows up, who heard about the report. Aya has to talk with Reimu so that Reimu would leave the mountain, but Reimu is annoyed because she does not have business with the tengu. When Reimu talks about the gods, Aya explains some more about the god. The tengu planned to attack the new god, so Reimu does'nt have to do anything. Still, Reimu wants to talk with the god so they fight. She wins, and Aya has to show where the god is.

Reimu finally reached the new shrine of the mountain, the Moriya Shrine. There she met the shrine maiden. The shrine maiden says the shrine moved to Gensokyo some time ago, together with the lake. Together with her god she will take over the mountain and gather all the faith, as with its current stage Gensokyo is doomed. The shrine maiden reveals herself as Sanae Kochiya, a wind priestess who can cause miracles. But Reimu only wants to fight, and Sanae gets defeated. Sanae is surprised to see how strong Reimu is, and she has to lead Reimu to the new god.

Finally Reimu meets the new god at The Wind God's Lake. The god wants to know what Reimu has to do at her place, who wants the god to stop trying to take over her shrine. But the god was not trying to do this at all. The god only wants to have more followers. Now the god introduces herself as Kanako Yasaka. Kanako says the shrines do not exist for the benefits of the shrine maidens, and she wants to show Reimu the true meaning of a shrine. Though, Kanako still gets defeated.

Marisa Kirisame

Marisa is on her way to the Youkai Mountain, but got delayed due to the leaf god Shizuha Aki. Some time later she meets the younger sister, Minoriko Aki. She says that Marisa should be afraid of the youkai, which makes Marisa thinks Minoriko is stronger than the youkai. But she was no opponent for Marisa and got defeated.

Marisa proceeded further into The Great Youkai Forest, where one of the many gods shows up. But the god went away short after, without introducing herself. Marisa got bored and talked to herself while the same god shows up again, introducing herself as Hina Kagiyama, the misfortune god. She tries to protect the human, including Marisa, by not letting them enter the mountain. This was useless and they starting to fight, which Marisa wins so she can finally enter.

At The Untrodden Valley Marisa met one of the kappa of the mountain, but the kappa ran away in fear. Later Marisa catches up with the kappa, but the kappa girl uses her optical illusion to hide herself. Marisa breaks into this optical illusion which surprises the kappa. She warns Marisa about the mountain and ran away, but Marisa went after her. When they meet again the kappa is surprised to see Marisa again, but tells Marisa once more to go back when she finally introduces herself as Nitori Kawashiro. All those warnings make Marisa even more curious to enter, so they start fighting. After Nitori lost, she tells about the new god at the top of the mountain, who bothers the kappa and tengu. So Marisa went further to investigate.

Finally at The Waterfall of Nine Heavens, Marisa stumbled upon one of the wolf tengu Momiji Inubashiri, who protects the mountain from intruders. But Momiji ran away to report the events back to the tengu leader Tenma. Later on, Marisa meets Aya Shameimaru. Aya was send to investigate and talk with the intruder who she knows. Marisa wants to proceed to talk with the new god, but Aya is not letting her, and forced Marisa to fight her. After Marisa has won, Aya has to show Marisa the way.

Marisa eventually reached the strange new shrine on the mountain. The shrine maiden of the mountain tries to protect it but ran away, without conversation. Later on they meet again where the shrine maiden is angry at Marisa for showing up in the Moriya Shrine. She explains that the Moriya Shrine was moved to Gensokyo, together with its lake. She then introduces herself as Sanae Kochiya, the wind priestess of the shrine. Marisa wants to defeat the new god of the shrine, but with that she also has to fight herself trough Sanae. After the fight Sanae shows where the god or "Lady Yasaka" is.

At The Wind God's Lake Marisa finally meets the new god, who she can punish. The god says she is the mountain god and can't help the people who do not have faith in her. She says her name is Kanako Yasaka. The faith is needed so Gensokyo won't fall into chaos. Marisa and Kanako then fight, and Kanako lost.


Bad Endings (Reimu)

Reimu is forced back home, getting jeered by the Tengu and upon thinking about the possible take over, rushes back into action without sleep, mind full of worry, or mind full or worry, with it noting it's not good to try danmaku battling in these states.

Bad Endings (Marisa)

It's the morning after Marisa's failed attempt, with her hiding or playing dead from the Tengu patrols and Reimu asks what happened with Marisa lying about either getting cucumbers, spreading a rumor to the Tengu, or leaf viewing to hide the fact she lost. (It should be noted that Marisa gets into some trouble with the first two lies for different reasons.

Ending (Reimu A)

At the Hakurei Shrine, Reimu talks with Aya, Nitori, Sanae, and Kanako about getting along and Kanako goes from a serious speech to her belief that faith is the same as sitting and drinking with people as the topic goes into how much they could drink (with Sanae remarking "just a taste...", implying she gets drunk easily) and Nitori talking about pickles going great with Sake. It muses if alcohol is what enables mountain youkai society to function as it does. It specially asks the player to think of Sanae, the human who has to deal with them.

Ending (Reimu B)

At the Hakurei Shrine, Reimu and Sanae talk about ways to improve visitors to the shrine (including Sanae's offer) when Sanae suggests getting faith from the Youkai that visit. Reimu then asks why she moved to Gensokyo. It then goes into how humans in the outside world started losing faiths in gods (due to cults and bad religions) and started focusing more on other things like media, companies and friends. It suggests the best thing to do to regain faith from humans is to be friendly with them.

Ending (Reimu C)

At the Hakurei shrine, Reimu and Marisa talk about the mini-shrine that Kanako (though she's not mentioned by name) had her make. Reimu figures it might help her though Marisa has doubts about its effectiveness given its small size. It goes on to state that Gods don't care about the shrine but humans do. Reimu knew this but realized she took it out on Kanako via making the shrine pretty small, but it turned out the mini-shrine was pretty popular.

Ending (Marisa A)

At Youkai Mountain, Marisa tries to talk Nitori into letting her go, emboldened by pass successes. Nitori reveals that there's no need to fight as Kanako's making things better for everyone on the mountain, including parties. Marisa leaves semi-dejected but it notes that below the mountain, humans and Youkai got along pretty well.

Ending (Marisa B)

Marisa is at home, making her own mini-shrine to Kanako when she suddenly appears, taking offense at the cushion used for it and its general construction. They then talk about the logic of putting such a shrine in the forest where no one hardly visits and Marisa counters with why Kanako had a shrine on the mountain. Kanako answers that she was aiming for Faith from youkai and to leave human faith to the Hakurei shrine. It notes that Marisa gave up on trying to make a mini-shrine and when she asked Kanako what faith was, all she got was "it's how you feel about magic"

Ending (Marisa C)

At the Hakurei Shrine, Kanako, Sanae and Marisa are trying to talk Reimu into giving the shrine over to Kanako, much to Reimu's disbelief. It goes on to explain that a Shrine is affected by the god that lives it and that Marisa figured that having Kanako take over would be an improvement since she's pretty easy going herself, thus being able to get along with the Youkai that visit.

Extra Backstory

Once the issue is resolved, Reimu resumes her normal life of cleaning and whiling away the time with Gensokyo's youkai, and Marisa turns to sneaking into the mountain for chestnuts. While pilfering snacks from a monstrous chestnut tree, it seems she'd heard a rumour that there was another god at the Moriya Shrine. This, and the observation that Kanako had taken residence at the lake, and not at the shrine, the two set out for the mountain again.

Extra Stage

Reimu Hakurei

In the Moriya Shrine Reimu is searching for the other god. She was halted by Kanako Yasaka, who does not want her to interrupt her "friend". But she got defeated and Reimu proceeds. Later the other god shows up, claiming the shrine used to be hers and that Kanako moved the shrine to Gensokyo without her agreeing. She reveals herself as Suwako Moriya, who was defeated a long time ago by Kanako. After she has explained, Reimu wants to go back but Suwako wants to play with her. After Suwako got defeated she talks about the festival for the gods, and even a possible festival at Reimu's shrine. She does thinks about it, but wants to go back. Suwako wants Reimu to go to her when Kanako is trouble again.

Marisa Kirisame

In the Moriya Shrine, Marisa is looking for the other god the kappa and tengu were talking about. Kanako Yasaka stopped her, but got defeated and Marisa proceeds. She now was sure a different god lives at the shrine too. The god shows up, whose name is Suwako Moriya, and says that the shrine used to be hers. She now does to work at the shrine and Kanako is in the spotlights. The reason Kanako now owns the shrine was due to a war which Kanako declared, which she won. This leaded into the claim of the shrine by Kanako. When Marisa was about to leave again, Suwako wanted to have a danmaku festival with her, which Marisa accepts. After the "festival" which Marisa won, Suwako is praising Marisa for being on the same level at danmaku as a god.