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Muse (Seihou Character)

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Muse in Banshiryuu

Unknown (Vampire/God/Devil?)




Unknown (lived for a long time)


Alchemist, Magician


Seihou World (Earth)

Music Themes
Official Games
  • Kioh Gyoku (Cover, Playable Character, Final Boss)
  • Banshiryuu
    • C74 (Extra Stage Boss #6)
    • v3.000 (Extra Stage Boss #6)
"Muse" redirects here. For the vocal arrange album by Seventh Heaven MAXION, see Muse
Note: This article is part of the Seihou Project by the Doujin circle "Shunsatsu sare do?".

Muse (ミューズ Myuuzu) is known as the fusion of science and magic, the Clan leader who dreams of merging magic with modern science. She's a master of alchemy, so she can manipulate any type of matter into whatever form, shape, or composition she wishes. A master puppeteer, she uses her puppets as weapons and is extremely proficient with them. She also has complete mastery over the art of throwing crosses (not knives).

General Information

Muse first appeared in Kioh Gyoku, where she appeared as an unlockable playable character and the final boss of that game. About 7 years later when Banshiryuu had C74 version release, she appeared as the 6th Extra Stage boss as part of a boss rush.

Muse was a character who fought in flesh without a machine, something strange for a Seihou Project character. Muse is long-lived, but her age is unknown, but perhaps because her appearance is somewhat child-like, she's treated as a child by VIVIT and a few other characters. Also, she can manifest or hide her wings on a whim. She is usually silent, but when she loses her temper, she starts talking rapidly.


Muse isn't human since she's stated a numerous times that she'll not lose to a human, but her true species is a real mystery. Due to her characteristics of using 'dark' magic with crosses, having red eyes in Banshiryuu and that she used the word 'twilight' towards Erich,[1] she may be a vampire. Logically however, vampires cannot live under sunlight, and numerous times she could be shown under sunlight in outer space. The official log on "Shunsatsu sare do?" by Ponchi states at the start "Whether she is a god or a devil."

Character Basis


Her name is Muse (ミューズ). The name could mean one of the nine Ancient Greek deities of the arts. It could also mean "a source of inspiration".


In Kioh Gyoku and Banshiryuu's official art, she has gray hair curled at the sides of her face and gray eyes. She wears a blue shirt and skirt with a black ribbon attached with a red jewel. She also wears a long black cape and carries what appears to be something like a wooden doll and a black cross. In Banshiryuu, she doesn't have her black cross and doll and is seen with a spear with a cross at the top. In Kioh Gyoku, she doesn't wear a cape.

Muse's Appearances

Muse in Kioh Gyoku

In Banshiryuu, the heroine encounters Muse in Outer Space, determined to not be defeated by the heroine. Despite this, Muse was defeated.


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Erich & VIVIT

There seems to be something between Muse and Erich, looking at his matters related to VIVIT with hostility. For the conversations in Kioh Gyoku, Muse responds with composure to other characters, but for some reason, Muse bears a sense of hatred against VIVIT. Also, since Muse doesn't think of battles against either Erich or VIVIT lightly, there's probably some relation between them.

Additional Information


Official Profiles

Official Website (Currently unknown source)

――瞬殺サレ道?開発日記 2006年08月19日 ぽんち


Whether she is a god or a devil, she has a great presence rare among those of her generation.
She is usually silent, but when she loses her temper, she starts talking rapidly.
She is in a family of alchemists, and is the Clan leader (This is important) of those who dream of merging magic with modern science.

--Shunsatsu sare do?, Developer's Log - Aug 19, 2006 - Ponchi

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