Musou Kakyou: A Summer Day's Dream

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Aya, Reimu and Marisa react as Remilia interrupts Reimu's fight against Patchouli in the Voile Library.

Musou Kakyou: A Summer Day's Dream (夢想夏郷 A Summer Day's Dream, "Fantasy Summer Land") is a fan-made animated video produced by MAIKAZE. The first of a projected three 20-minute episodes was released at Comiket 75 on December 29, 2008, on a DVD which includes English subtitles. Western Touhou fan KirbyM was credited with proofreading the translation. It is uncertain whether the remaining episode will ever be produced.

This animation project is notable for its use of high-ranking professional seiyuu (voice actors/actresses), although where MAIKAZE had the money or the connections to be able to hire these people is unknown. It was originally called "Touhou Anime Project", but shortly before Comiket 75, after ZUN expressed concern on his blog that the high-profile voice cast could make audiences mistake the series for an official Touhou product, Maikaze renamed it "Touhou Secondary Creation Doujin Anime".

On the 8th December 2010, MAIKAZE announced on their website that they are releasing a preview disc of Episode 2 at Comiket 79. The full episode was expected to be released at Comiket 81 in 2011, but was pushed to 2012 because it was still in production.

Episode 2 was released at Comiket 82, on August 11, 2012.


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Story Synopsis[edit]

spoilers follow

Episode 1[edit]

One night, a mysterious figure approaches the Hakurei Shrine, its shadow falling across the donation box....

The next morning, Reimu is preparing for the shrine's annual summer feast, but she is disappointed that only Suika showed up to help. Shortly after Suika leaves to go buy sake on Reimu's instructions, Reimu realizes the donation box is missing. She looks around everywhere, and gives up nearby the entrance, where unexpectedly, Aya is right next to her, finishing Reimu's sentence with "Stolen?". Reimu agrees, and then is surprised to find Aya. Aya asks "Who in Gensokyo would steal that donation box?", since the box is always bare with nothing inside it, but Reimu says it doesn't matter whether or not anything was inside. Aya then says she'll help her find the culprit, although Reimu figures she'd just take photos instead. Aya still flies off with the help of a spell card, and comes back immediately with Marisa.

Aya tells her about Reimu's missing donation box while Reimu walks away, and Marisa says she never stole it. Aya believes her, because Marisa had been helping her print her newspaper the entire previous day. Reimu tells them "Less talk, more search," and Aya agrees, although Marisa says she won't go help. Aya blackmails her by threatening to make Marisa's scandalous private photos public, and wonders how Reimu would react upon seeing them. Marisa is about to tell her she's dirty, but suddenly feels like she's being watched. As she turns around, a shadowy figure ducks behind a tree before Marisa can see it. After Aya and Marisa leave, Suika returns with the sake, but notices she's alone at the shrine.

At the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Aya is taking photos of a sleeping Hong Meiling, while Marisa asks Reimu why all three of them are at the Mansion looking for Reimu's donation box. Reimu says that Aya thought Patchouli seemed suspicious, and will be furious if Patchouli was using the box as a bookshelf. On a balcony, Remilia thinks back to earlier this morning, when Sakuya had told her that the mansion's supply of tea, wine and food had all disappeared in a single night. Remilia notices Reimu and Marisa entering the Mansion and is startled, like Reimu, by Aya's sudden appearance. Aya tells Remilia that Reimu and Marisa are just on an errand, and leaves her a Summer Extra Edition of the Bunbunmaru Newspaper. Remilia begins reading its front-page article.

In the Voile Library, Patchouli is looking for something, but then realizes "trespassers" are nearby. Aya is surprised by the rare-looking books, and "realizes" why Marisa "borrows" them and never returns them, but Marisa tells Aya not to give people the wrong impression. Meanwhile, Reimu finds Patchouli and demands the return of the donation box, while in the background, Aya starts looking for the Bunbunmaru News in the library, and then starts talking about the printing technology of the Tengu, until she realizes out Marisa isn’t listening. Aya starts throwing the books, hitting Patchouli with one and causing her to fall down with a "Mukyu!". Reimu tells Patchouli to get up, since they were having a conversation. A furious Patchouli comes up, with the book that hit her on her head.

On the Mansion's balcony, Remilia is still reading the paper, and learns that tonight's feast will be canceled in order to search for the Hakurei Shrine's recently-stolen donation box. Sakuya arrives with a cup of iced chocolate instead of tea, but Remilia suddenly remembers that Patchouli was saying that some of her books are missing. In the library, Patchouli casts Sun Sign: "Royal Flare", which Reimu dodges. She flies off to another part of the library, and throws ofuda as an attack. Patchouli counters by raising a magic wall from the earth, but Reimu kicks through it. She then uses Spirit Sign: "Fantasy Seal", but after the spellcard, she notices that Patchouli ran off. She hides behind one of the bookcases, until Sakuya unexpectedly materializes beside Patchouli and silences her by covering her mouth.

As Reimu is about to continue throwing ofuda at Patchouli, Remilia shows up on the library's balcony, wondering if it was true the donation box got stolen. She then tells Reimu that Patchouli is highly unlikely to be the culprit, since she's been looking for her missing books all that time and hasn't been out of the Mansion recently, and that Sakuya's tea and food supply also went missing the night before. Due to the fact all the items were stolen at the same day and time, Reimu declares the problem is another incident.

After the end credits, the narrator (Kikuko Inoue) claims the next episode would be called "Yukarin Is 17 Years Old!", but then says "Just kidding! To be honest, we haven't decided on a title yet. Oi! Oi!" Because Inoue has made a running joke of always saying she's 17 years old (when in fact she was 44 at the time of the first episode's release), she's implying that she will be playing Yukari in Episode 2.

Episode 2[edit]

Hakurei Shrine collapsed and needs rebuilding Attention: This article is a stub and it needs expanding with more information related to the article's topic. If you can add to it in any way, please do so.

The story resumes in Hakugyoukurou. Youmu acccuses Yuyuko of eating the entirety of the food for the upcoming banquet, of which Yuyuko replies that she only ate some. After Youmu leaves, Yuyuko goes outside to speak with an unseen Yukari, implying that they are involved in the current incident.

Meanwhile, Marisa locates Patchouli's missing book. Upon the retrieval, Patchouli finds it strange that she wasn't able to locate the book herself, surmising that the fact Marisa could find it with ease despite her own inability to do so may not be a coincidence.


Easter Egg[edit]

  • A book labeled Wikipedia could be seen in Patchouli's Library.
In Patchouli's Library,a book labeled 'Wikipedia'.