Mysterious Cherry Blossom Path

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桜怪道 (さくらかいみち)
Mysterious Cherry Blossom Path
Mysterious Cherry Blossom Path at night in Fairy Wars
Official Games

The Mysterious Cherry Blossom Path (桜怪道 Sakura Kai Michi) is a mysterious purple-coloured path, as said in it's name, with cherry blossoms on it. The cherry blossoms may be seasonal as it was spring during the time the location appeared in the Extra Stage of Fairy Wars. It's unknown what the path leads to and where its located in Gensokyo. It hasn't been shown or referenced again since the events of the Extra Stage. In-universe, it appears to be nameless.

Path's Appearances


Fairy Wars

The path was the location for the Extra Stage of Fairy Wars, where Cirno travels down this path, fighting fairies with bizarre danmaku and wanting to fight a youkai, but ends up fighting the ordinary human Marisa Kirisame (the boss) who just finished with her flower viewing.

Additional Information

  • In the data files of Fairy Wars, the image used for the background of the Extra Stage is, apart from different colouring, exactly the same as the background images used for the Spring Path of the same game.