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Mysterious Orb

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LLS Extra Stage Midboss
Sprite of the midboss in Lotus Land Story

Unnamed Dream World?

Official Games

This mysterious ball of light that flashes with small sparkles around it is the Extra stage midboss of Lotus Land Story. It appeared out of nowhere and attacked the heroines with a barrage of brutal danmaku within the Unnamed Dream World. It'll sparkly move around the screen, while having a set number of danmaku patterns, but it cannot be defeated because it hasn't got a hit box. However, it does provide the player items by dropping them, starting with 4 Dream Items, then 4 Super Power Items, then a 1up, all while shooting danmaku. It'll then fly of the screen to never be seen again. Since it's got no dialogue with the heroine, what this ball of light really is has to be a complete mystery.

Character Design


The unofficial English name "Mysterious Orb" could be literally translated to Japanese Shimpi-teki na Tama (神秘的な玉); however, as is the case with all unnamed PC-98 mid-bosses, the Japanese fanbase would simply refer to it as "LLS Extra Stage Midboss" (幻想郷EX面中ボス).


Yuuka as a ball of light; left from st5 & right from st6

The ball of light has been discussed in the fanbase on who the ball actually is. One theory is that the ball is in fact Yuuka Kazami because she turned into a ball of light during her fights in Lotus Land Story. She also appears in the Fantasy World and both that world and the Unnamed Dream World can easily be speculated to be the same world. However, the down-sides to this is that her first orb appears larger and her second orb is coloured in red, but this could mean that she's got the capability of changing into different kinds of orbs.

Nue as a ball of light

However, a more popular theory that this ball is actually Nue Houjuu, as she appeared as a ball of light in Undefined Fantastic Object, with both dropping items when leaving the screen and giving a 1-up if certain conditions are met, as well as both having no hitboxes. The fact that no-one can know Nue's true form makes this a possible case. A more stronger reason is that UFO had the idea to reference the PC-98 era, hence the return of Makai. The down-sides to this is that the orbs are obviously different in appearance and that the canonicity between the PC-98 and Windows comes into play, the former due to 16 colour and animated limitations.

Reimu Hakurei once turned into a ball of light during the extra stage of Shuusou Gyoku from the Seihou Project, although this obviously isn't her. Icarus, also from the Seihou Project can also turn into a ball of light, but this one is highly unlikely due to its canon.

Additional Information

  • It's the first character in the series to have no hit box for the player to hit. It disappears after a certain time.

Official Sources

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