Mystia Lorelei

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Mystia Lorelei
misɯᵝtia̠ ɺ̠o̞ːɺ̠e̞ɾ̠a̠i (♫)
Mystia Lorelei
Night Sparrow Apparition
More Character Titles

Night Sparrow


Driving people insane by singing, bewildering people by singing


Unknown, but implied to be young.


Grilled lamprey vendor, tricking humans into getting lost.


The Youkai Trail, "Roads at night"

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"There's no human that doesn't fear me on night roads. If I wanted, I could call enough youkai here to eradicate every human in this land."Mystia Lorelei to Marisa Kirisame & Alice Margatroid (Imperishable Night Stage 2.)

Mystia Lorelei (ミスティア・ローレライ Misutia Roorerai) is a night sparrow with an outgoing egocentric personality, at least she sounds arrogant, that enjoys infusing confusion and terror into the hearts of humans using her ability: a song that creates confusion in those who hear her. Her song seems to attract nearby monsters as well. She roams the Youkai Trail near the Human Village that Keine Kamishirasawa tries to protect, in search of humans to frighten. She is indeed feared by the locals as people around her become blinded by darkness. Some time later, along with Kyouko Kasodani, they formed a duo combination called Choujuu Gigaku.

General Information


Mystia's known to be a birdbrain with a short attention span and very prone to forgetfulness. She loves singing, but because of her ability to drive people mad by singing, many find her mere existence annoying. In most of her appearances, she is driven to attack humans much like any other youkai. She doesn't like being interrupted while she is singing [1], and she hates when other people continue her songs [2].

Despite all of her faults, Mystia displays a wide variety of hidden depths for someone of her simplicity. She's a great cook who owns a successful grilled lamprey stand and is knowledgeable about making sake. Mystia's also surprisingly conniving, using her abilities to attract and con travellers into buying her meals. She is a part of a punk rock band with Kyouko where she plays the guitar.


Ability to bewilder or drive people insane by singing

It is an ability to dull and weaken people's ability to make judgments through her singing voice. Despite that, since she pretty much only sings, her existence is an annoyance to others. The true worth of this ability is unclear, but as Yuuka Kazami said, it "isn't coming from inside you, but rather you're singing a song you're hearing from a faint voice" and as Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu said, "if you continue singing without thinking, the souls around you will become more than strange." Therefore, Eiki concluded, "that may be connected to an unprecedented grave sin." By Eiki's judgement, it seems like Mystia herself does not understand the power of her own songs.

Ability to inflict blindness to humans

Something that Night Sparrow also possess in real legends, it is an ability to inflict night-blindness on the opponent. Unlike the aforementioned song whose details are unknown, in the game she exercises this ability to her heart's content. Thanks to this, in battle time, nothing but the player's surroundings can be seen and in the last spell, it becomes somewhat difficult to know what kind of danmaku it is. Incidentally, unlike Rumia's darkness, since it is always merely an ability to make the darkness unable to be seen through, it can be of no use at all during daytime.

Ability to rule winged insects

Although it is unknown how she does it, it is an ability to rule and subdue moths, sparrows, and countless other birds & insects. In the game, this can be seen in the form of spell cards and danmaku. At night, she mainly uses winged insects, and at day, mainly birds. She even used several hundred birds to restore the legendary sake.[3]


Mystia usually spends the day in hiding and attacking humans at night, luring them with her songs. [4] However, Mystia is shown to have multiple hobbies as well.

Grilled Lamprey Stand

She hates Yakitori (grilled chicken on sticks) because she is a kind of bird. So she started a grilled lamprey stand instead of a Yakitori stand. (It was believed that lampreys had eight eyes and can cure night blindness.) She uses this as part of a con-act: she will travel with her stand at night, use her power to make unwary travellers night-blind, then sell them grilled lamprey, and slowly remove the effect as they eat it, claiming that the lamprey was what cured them [5]. Mystia's also capable of making delicious sake.

Choujuu Gigaku

Mystia along with Kyouko formed a punk rock band where they play rock music at night. It's popular with youkai and fairies. [6]

Character Design

Mystia, as illustrated in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense
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Her full name is Mystia Lorelei (ミスティア・ローレライ). The "Lorelei" part of her name most likely is a reference to a German poem about the siren Lorelei, that also had a mesmerizing song.


Mystia is shown to have grey eyes and pink hair. She has pointed ears like an owl and light pink bird-like wings with purple highlights. She is dresses in white and brown clothing, where her hat and dress contain numerous bird-shaped ornaments. She also has long fingernails in Imperishable Night which was colored similarly to her outfit (which was light brown). However her fingernails was green in Phantasmagoria of Flower View.

Her alternative outfit in Phantasmagoria of Flower View the same, except her clothes are green, and her wings have red highlights.



Imperishable Night
Mystia's sprite in IN

Mystia calls out to Reimu & Yukari to wait for her to catch up. When she approaches them, she wonders if they are good humans to eat. However, Yukari tells her she is mistaken, as they are a pair of non-humans in a hurry. Mystia muses that humans usually are not seen on the night road, and Yukari demands for the pair's passage, for there was no time to waste. Reimu chimes in, the end of the road isn't a place where youkai gather and ever so persistent, Mystia asks them if they would accompany her to mess with the human village. Reimu gets upset and the two fight.

Mystia interrupts Marisa & Alice's journey and asks where they are going. Marisa responds that it is her annual Youkai Extermination Month. Mystia agitated, asks if she was picking a fight with her. Marisa scoffs, exclaiming that there is no one, human or youkai, that can stand against her magicannon. Mystia counters with that there are no humans that do no fear her, for she could summon enough Youkai to destroy all humankind. Alice is perturbed, and asks just what Mystia is playing at. Haughtily, Marisa laughs and tells Mystia she doesn't know who she is dealing with. Alice, slightly undermining Marisa, adds; "A Human." Fired up from the boasting, Mystia exclaims they will never be able to see in the dark again, and the two clash.

Mystia flags down Remilia & Sakuya, the two rushing down the path. Sakuya informs her that if she can keep up with them, the duo will listen. The night sparrow remarks the pair as a human and a bat; telling them she is only interested in Sakuya. Remilia, indignant mutters "Hmph. Is it the brats' night out?" to which Mystia interjects "Naturally! The good little children went to bed at noon. "At night, it's happy hour for man-hunting!" Retorting, Remilia tells her that they are in a hurry and she needs to get out of their way, or she will get shot down. Mystia pleads for them to wait, while Sakuya suggests to Remilia to avoid picking a fight with her because they will find themselves fighting endlessly of other youkai her level. Mystia feeling scorned, tells them to stop joking and asks if they are afraid of birds flying in the night. Remilia remarks that frying birds is not as good as humans are; Sakuya chastising that she can't use fry in place of fly. Annoyed, Mystia prepares to fight Team Scarlet, exclaiming "I'll show you the true terror of darkness!".

Mystia stops the pair from going down the road, demanding to know why her song is not affecting them and wonders aloud if they are even human. Yuyuko muses that it is nighttime, but yet a sparrow is singing. Youmu tells her to not pay attention to her accursed song, and Mystia argues back that at least her singing is better than the sound of phantoms. Yuyuko thinks she has a point, much to her subordinate's dismay. She exclaims the sounds have gotten louder, and Mystia annoyed tells Team Netherworld that it does not matter if they are human or not, the festival of youkai has begin. Yuyuko bored, asks Youmu if they should hurry along and she agree, but figures they need to shoot the sparrow standing before them. Yuyuko mutters she doesn't like sparrows, for they are too bony and Mystia prepares to fight which she cries out "You shall not pass!"

Phantasmagoria of Flower View
Mystia's back sprite in PoFV

During the events of Phantasmagoria of Flower View, Mystia aimlessly wanders around singing, hoping to catch and eat humans attracted by the flowers. Instead, she attracts (or rather, annoys) the other protagonists and ends up fighting each in turn.


Hopeless Masquerade
Mystia in HM

Mystia made a background cameo appearance in Hopeless Masquerade on the Hall of Dreams' Great Mausoleum stage. She is seen sitting high on the mausoleum whilst cheering something.


Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red

Instead of the Yakitoki stand, Mystia decided to make one of grilled lamprey eels. Lampreys are better for night vision and night blindness and, as Mystia is the one who causes the night blindness, the humans are slightly pressured to eat her lampreys. She also sings while they eat, so her effects are not appreciated. However, the lampreys don’t have that counter effect or they don’t act so quickly, Mystia only removes the effects and pretends the food did it.

Mystia doesn't show any interest on her article when asked, and just kept singing, to Aya Shameimaru annoyance. Aya claimed that she disliked Mystia’s tricks to attract customers, but she agreed that the food was very good and that the grilled lampreys were underrated.

Oriental Sacred Place

Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame agreed to go to Mystia’s stand to eat and drink, and after doing so they were so good humored that the Three Fairies of Light got very confused and curious. They decide to ask the sparrow directly, but Mystia doesn’t understand them and the fairies just eat and drink there as the humans did before, while Mystia explains the history of her sake, one made by sparrows that dropped rice to honor their ancestors.

Wild and Horned Hermit

Mystia set up her stall during the Tori-no-Ichi festival held at the Hakurei Shrine. Unfortunately, her stall was caught in the blaze that ravaged the festival.

Symposium of Post-mysticism

Aya Shameimaru covers the concerts at the middle of the night of a group called "Choujuu Gigaku", formed by Kyouko Kasodani and Mystia. From her point of view, they are concerts where they "perform off-key music while shouting rebellious lyrics" known as new genre called "punk". Aya, after investing the lyrics of the songs, says that maybe they are just venting about what annoys them, but she hopes there are no real incidents.


Kyouko Kasodani

Mystia and Kyouko Kasodani form a band called "Choujuu Gigaku". Kyouko has also been seen assisting Mystia with her stall.[7]








Name Translated Comments Games Usage
Total: 2
「リトルバタリオン」 "Little Battalion" PoFV Charge attack
「バードウォッチング」 "Bird Watching" PoFV EX attack

Spell Cards

Spell cards
Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 12
声符「梟の夜鳴声」 Vocal Sign "Hooting in the Night" IN St. 2: E/N
声符「木菟咆哮」 Vocal Sign "Howl of the Horned Owl" IN St. 2: H/L
蛾符「天蛾の蠱道」 Moth Sign "Hawk Moth's Insect Curse" IN St. 2: E/N
毒符「毒蛾の鱗粉」 Toxin Sign "Poisonous Moth's Scales" IN St. 2: H
猛毒「毒蛾の暗闇演舞」 Deadly Toxin "Poisonous Moth's Dance in the Dark" IN St. 2: L
鷹符「イルスタードダイブ」 Hawk Sign "Ill-Starred Dive" IN St. 2: E/N/H/L
夜盲「夜雀の歌」 Night-Blindness "Song of the Night Sparrow" IN
St. 2: E/N/H/L
夜雀「真夜中のコーラスマスター」 Night Sparrow "Midnight Chorus Master" IN St. 2: N/H/L
「ブラインドナイトバード」 "Blind Nightbird" IN LW
鳥符「ヒューマンケージ」 Bird Sign "Human Cage" PoFV Use
鳥符「ヒューマンケージダブル」 Bird Sign "Human Cage Double" PoFV Use
鳥符「ミステリアスソング」 Bird Sign "Mysterious Song" PoFV Use

Additional Information

  • Mystia's self-confidence makes her one of the few enemies that attacks as a midboss but does not run away to recover when defeated the first time. Other characters who also do not run away after defeat are Yuugi Hoshiguma and Nemuno Sakata. Unlike Yuugi that lingers arund during the rest of the stage, however, Mystia and Nemuno immediately launch into another attack.
  • She was featured on the cover of the Imperishable Night "trial plus" disc.
  • Mystia, along with the Prismriver Sisters and Yuuka Kazami, are the only Windows-era-spell-card-capable characters not to appear in Shoot the Bullet.
  • From Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red, Mystia says that she cannot read the tiny letters on the newspaper. Aya takes this as Mystia admitting that she cannot read. In Oriental Sacred Place Chapter 13, Mystia is shown to have the ability to read but somewhat struggles in it.


Official Profiles

Imperishable Night - Demo おまけ.txt
Mystia Lorelei IN  ○ミスティア・ローレライ




Mystia Lorelei

Stage 2 boss. A Night Sparrow. She possesses ability to drive people insane by singing

Seeing as humans have only heard her cry, her true form is unknown. From her cry she's called a sparrow, but it's hard to say if she is actually a sparrow. As humans don't know her form, they fear her, and it's unclear what they would think if they saw her.

She's known to give humans night-blindness (an illness where one's eyesight degenerates a lot in dark places) to hide her form.

Imperishable Night - キャラ設定.txt
Mystia Lorelei IN ○2面ボス 夜雀の怪


  Mystia Lorelei








Stage 2 Boss, Night Sparrow Apparition

Mystia Lorelei

Species: Night Sparrow
Abilities: Driving people insane by singing

Stage 2 Boss.

In addition to her song of confusion, she can make people night-blind.

Humans call her the Night Sparrow, but few have ever seen her appearance. This is because she only plays during nighttime, and humans around her become blinded by darkness anyway. Had they seen what she actually looks like, they probably wouldn't have called her a sparrow.

Her song can cloud a person's judgment; humans who walk into the night in that condition inevitably disappear without a trace. This confusion ability is the main reason people lose their way at night so easily.

In addition, she's known to give humans night-blindness (an illness where one's eyesight degenerates a lot in dark places) to hide her form.

Mystia Lorelei ○夜雀の怪 ミスティア・ローレライ





Night Sparrow Apparition, Mystia Lorelei

A youkai bird that abducts people off night paths.

She possess ability to bewilder people by singing

Although nothing special during the day, her song never ceases.

If you are in the middle of the commotion of flowers viewing and hear the noisiest singing voice, it is Mystia's doing.

Phantasmagoria of Flower View - キャラ設定.txt
Mystia Lorelei ○夜雀の怪


  Mystia Lorelei






Night Sparrow Apparition

Mystia Lorelei

Species: Night Sparrow

Abilities: Driving people insane by singing

A troublesome youkai who doesn't do much else other than singing.

People will start going mad if they hear her song.

She loves festivals and events with lots of noise and action the most.

Gensokyo, which is caught up in the "flower incident" is like a playground for her.

Official Sources

Official sources


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