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Mystic Square/Story/Prologue

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 Story   Reimu's Scenario
 Marisa's Scenario
 Mima's Scenario
 Yuuka's Scenario


1. Mystic Square Backstory

で、博麗神社の巫女、博麗靈夢(はくれい れいむ)はというと、今回は余り暇では無いようである。
Deep in the mountains of an eastern land, the Hakurei shrine was a little bit peaceful.
Speaking of the Hakurei shrine, its shrine maiden, Reimu Hakurei, didn't seem too free at the moment.
Why? Because a constant flow of demons, while few in number, were being sent from Makai.
Reimu was busy constantly exterminating them, so she constantly had no free time.


Reimu: "Things have been a little strange lately."



Since Reimu felt something strange was occurring, she decided it was her duty to investigate, so she searched for where the demons were coming from.
Eventually, Reimu discovered that the demons were appearing from the "Cave in Which the Door to Makai is Said to Be" (actual name) which had existed since long ago in the mountains behind the shrine.


Reimu: "This has to be the place. There's no point in dealing with all these small fry. I've got to bust into Makai and teach their boss a lesson."

その様子をうかがってた霧雨魔理沙(きりさめ まりさ)は、 Marisa Kirisame, who was observing this...


Marisa: "Hmm... Makai, huh? That could be fun."

魔法のメッカでもある魔界に、(観光で)いくことに決め、さっそく靈夢にないしょで出かけていったのであった。 Since Makai was the mecca of magic, she decided to go there (as a tourist) and immediately left to go without telling Reimu.


Reimu: "Right, I wonder how I'm supposed to even get in. (sweat)"

-- 一方そのころ。 -- Meanwhile...
人間界に住む悪霊、魅魔(みま)と妖怪、幽香(ゆうか)は、二人とも人間界に魔界の者がやってくるのは、あまりかんばしくないようである。 Two of the residents of the human world, Mima, an evil spirit, and Yuuka, a youkai, didn't seem too happy about things from Makai coming into the human world.


Mima: "Those snobby Makai demons. Don't they know that the human world is mine?"


Yuuka: "This seems interesting! I've always wanted to go to Makai!"

よく分からない理由で、二人は別々に魔界を目指したのだった。う~ん。 For these somewhat nonsensical reasons, the two of them each headed for Makai separately. Hmm.


  • Excerpt from 怪綺談.txt
 Story   Reimu's Scenario
 Marisa's Scenario
 Mima's Scenario
 Yuuka's Scenario