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The English Transcript of Mystical Power Plant.

The Japanese transcript has also been included in order to encourage fellow translators to chip in and make our translations more accurate/helpful.



In-Game Dialogue[edit]


Other Translations[edit]

Difficulty Level[edit]

Like most Touhou games, each of the difficulty levels has a special name and a short summary.

梅級 Easy Mode 自信のつく難易度。梅はその日の難逃れ。
Plum Level Easy Mode A difficulty level where you can be confident. Eating a plum is a respite from the day's trials.
竹級 Normal Mode ほどよい難易度。破竹の勢いで翔け登れ!
Bamboo Level Normal Mode A moderate difficulty level. Climb to the skies with enough force to split bamboo!
松級 Hard Mode 棘のある難易度。苦は色変える松の風。
Pine Level Hard Mode A difficulty level with splinters. There are as many kinds of pain as there are pine needles blown by wind.
鶴亀級 Lunatic Mode (製作者の頭が)おめでたい難易度。鶴が千発亀が万発
Crane and Tortoise Level Lunatic Mode A difficulty level that's good-natured (in the developers' heads). Cranes live to 1000, and tortoises to 10,000.
トネリコ級 Extra Mode 特別な難易度。君を待つ弾幕の世界樹へ・・・
Tonelico Level Extra Mode A special difficulty level. The world-tree of danmaku is waiting for you...

On Hidden Mode, Lunatic alone has different text.

鶴亀級 Lunatic Mode 言葉は不要。秒殺の準備はよろしいか?
Crane and Tortoise Level Lunatic Mode Words are unneccessary. Are you prepared for instant death?

Stage Titles[edit]

There are three stages in the demo version of the game. In the full version of the game, there are six stages, plus one extra stage.

Stage 1 神々の源泉 Spring of the Gods
Stage 2 ラタトスクの奇知 Wisdom of Ratatosk
Stage 3 光ヲ貪ルモノ That Which Craves the Light
Stage 4 発電する天の川 The Power-Generating River of Heaven
Stage 5 煌く舞台の歌姫 (ディーヴァ) はいずこ? Where is the Diva of the Shining Stage?
Stage 6 堕罪 Transgression
Extra Stage 真なる電子の申し子 The True Heaven-Sent Child of Electrons

Shot Types[edit]

Thermal Power Generation Team (Reimu Hakurei and Utsuho Reiuji)[edit]

Magic Power Generation Team (Marisa Kirisame and Byakuren Hijiri)[edit]

Wind Power Generation Team (Sanae Kochiya and Kanako Yasaka)[edit]