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Narumi Yatadera

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() () (でら)   (なる) ()
jatadeɾa naɾɯmi
Narumi Yatadera
Naruko Yatadera

More Alternative Spellings
Narumi Yatadera
Narumi Yatadera in Hidden Star in Four Seasons
The Magical Jizo who Manifested in the Forest
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Magician (animated Jizo statue)


Capable of using magic (control of life)


Forest of Magic

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"My, what's going on? I'm practically overflowing with magic power... I've just got to try this out on the human in front of me!"
Narumi Yatadera (Hidden Star in Four Seasons Stage 4)

Narumi Yatadera (矢田寺 成美 Yatadera Narumi) is a Jizo statue that came to life as a magician youkai due to the Forest of Magic's energy.

General Information

Narumi appeared as the Stage 4 Boss in Hidden Star in Four Seasons.


Narumi is shy and withdrawn. Upon meeting her, Marisa Kirisame, who apparently already knew her, describes her as a "shut-in introvert." [1] The Four Seasons Incident lured her out of hiding, as well as others who are otherwise solitary, and awakened her desire to fight. After being defeated, she loses her courage and is startled when a back door appears on her back. Although she lives solitary, she has some contact with Marisa and helps her make a plan against Okina Matara to avoid her trap.


Capable of using magic (control of life)

She can use magic and control life, as she embodies salvation through Buddha. According to her own statements, she can completely erase fairies that are made of life force; however, this has not been seen before and it is unlikely that Narumi would use this power.


She was initially just an ordinary stone statue in the form of the Buddha. The magic in the forest eventually breathed life into her, [2] unlike Aunn Komano, who was a stone statue with consciousness and only gained a humanoid form through Okina Matara at the beginning of the incident.

Character Design


Narumi's snow-covered, hatted appearance is based on the popular folk tale of the hatted Jizo statue, wherein a poor man heads out to sell cloth on New Year's Eve, but notices a man selling five straw hats out-of-season. Taking pity on him, the poor man exchanges the cloth for the hats. On the way home, the man notices six Jizo statues sitting out in the cold. He decides to cover each one with one of the hats, and to the sixth, gives his own. He goes home empty-handed, but is visited by the six Jizo the next evening who reward him for his generosity.


Her full name is Narumi Yatadera (矢田寺 成美). The kanji of 'Narumi' means 'to become/attain/grow into', referencing her magical transformation from a statue, and 'beauty', respectively. Her first name could therefore mean something along the lines of 'attaining beauty'. Yatadera is a buddhist temple in Yamatokoriyama, Nara Prefecture, which is known for its jizou statues and in particular for housing the oldest jizou statue in Japan.[3]


Narumi has black hair in two long braids, dark brown eyes, and long earlobes typical of Jizo statues. She wears a long gray dress with a stone texture, with red circular buttons on the front, and a red capelet covering her left shoulder. She wears black sandals with red socks, and has a frilly, snow-covered conical straw hat.

The capelet and hat are both items Jizo statues are typically adorned with to convey gratitude or to ward off evil. The capelet has the phrase "hikkyō jōbutsu" (畢竟成佛, meaning 'ultimate attainment of Buddhahood') written on it. The text on her hat is taken from a poem, and while partially obscured by the snow, it reads 「迷故三界城 悟故十方空 本來無東西 何處有南北 」, which roughly translates to 'Bewilderment [is akin to being lost] in the City of Three Realms. Enlightenment [is as if there] is emptiness in ten directions. Originally there was no East or West, so where do South and North exist?'.

The hat, including the poem text, is part of a traditional uniform for pilgrims undergoing the Shikoku Pilgrimage, a 1000 km route of 88 temples associated with the Buddhist monk Kōbō-Daishi. It was a dangerous journey, and pilgrims embarked on it aware of the possibility they may die. The poem on the hat was traditionally written on the coffins of priests, so by writing them on the hat, it could serve as their casket if they were to die.



Hidden Star in Four Seasons
Narumi's sprite in HSiFS

Narumi meets the protagonist in the snowy forest of magic. She is so full of the desire to fight that she does not notice Satono Nishida, who disappears into the land of back doors through a back door in Narumi's back. After the fight, the protagonists point out the door on her back, whereupon, confused, she lets the protagonist pass through. Only in Cirno's scenario does the door appear on the protagonists back.

In Marisa's ending, Marisa speaks with her about what she found in her back and in the Land of the Backdoor. After Narumi asks her if everything will go back to normal now, Marisa couldn't say for sure.


100th Black Market

Narumi reappears as a potential boss of the 3rd Market. In Marisa's comments, it's mentioned that her job was to stand guard and make sure the stacked stones at Sai no Kawara didn't fall over.


Wild and Horned Hermit

Narumi makes only a brief appearance when Aunn Komano and Marisa Kirisame discuss the incident in Hidden Star in Four Seasons.

Visionary Fairies in Shrine

Again, only talked about, in this case by the fairys.

Curiosities of Lotus Asia

In chapter 31, Narumi arrives at Kourindou meanwhile Rinnosuke Morichika, Marisa Kirisame and Sumireko Usami were talking about the climate and the incident Marisa solved. After asking who was Sumireko and if she was in sale, all of them start talking. Marisa then starts saying exactly what the incident was about and about the secret god, to Rinnosuke's surprise.


Minor Relationships

Marisa Kirisame

Narumi and Marisa knew each other before the events of Hidden Star in Four Seasons, and are on friendly terms. According to ZUN, Marisa's quote about Alice putting hats on statues before her fight against Reimu in Imperishable Night was a hint to this (although ZUN might not have been serious).




Spell Cards

Spell Cards
Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 11
魔符「インスタントボーディ」 Magic Sign "Instant Bodhi" HSiFS St. 4: E/N
魔符「即席菩提」 Magic Sign "Instantaneous Bodhi" HSiFS St. 4: H/L
魔符「バレットゴーレム」 Magic Sign "Bullet Golem" HSiFS St. 4: E/N
魔符「ペットの巨大弾生命体」 Magic Sign "Gigantic Pet Bullet Lifeform" HSiFS
St. 4: H/L
地蔵「クリミナルサルヴェイション」 Jizo "Criminal Salvation" HSiFS St. 4: E/N
地蔵「業火救済」 Jizo "Hellfire Salvation" HSiFS
St. 4: H/L
魔符「慈悲の地蔵」 Magic Sign "Merciful Jizo" VD Wednesday - 2
地蔵「菩薩ストンプ」 Jizo "Bodhisattva Stomp" VD Wednesday - 3
地蔵「活きの良いバレットゴーレム」 Jizo "Lively Bullet Golem" VD Wednesday - 4
夢地蔵「劫火の希望」 Dream Jizo "Kalpagni's Hope" VD Wrong Sunday - 5
「56億7千万年の単純労働」 "5.67 Billion Years of Menial Labour" 100BM 3rd Market

Additional Information

  • In Hidden Star in Four Seasons, she is also referred to as Naruko (成子), such as during Marisa's scenario as well as in the upper-left corner of the screen when fought as a boss. According to ZUN, Naruko was her original name and made it into the game originally (hence why it's still in some areas) but he later changed it to Narumi, partly because too many characters had names ending with 'ko'.


Official Profiles

name  ○4面ボス  森で垂迹した魔法地蔵

  矢田寺 成美
  Yatadera Narumi






Stage 4 Boss: Magical Jizo who Manifested in the Forest

Narumi Yatadera

Species: Magician (Jizo)
Ability: Capable of using magic (control of life)

A living creature who used to be a jizo statue in the Forest of Magic, but gained life from the forest's magic power.
She was troubled by the Forest's unseasonable snowfall, but she was a stay-at-home kind of person to begin with, so she didn't bother to leave the forest and investigate.

The Forest of Magic has the power to change the very nature of the beings within it.
She may be a "Jizo," but she's not the Jizo Bodhisattva or anything; she started off as just a stone jizo statue.
Since she's a stone statue that gained a life of its own, she's somewhat like a golem.

Because she's sensitive to magic, she noticed that an abnormal magic power was flowing forth from her own back.
However, she thought that it was due to the influence of the Four Seasons Incident; she had no idea that her own power
was causing part of said incident in the first place.

She's also the one who, after hearing about Okina from Marisa, came up with a secret counter-strategy to entrust Marisa with.