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Nemuno Sakata

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(さか) ()  ネムノ
sakata nemɯno
Nemuno Sakata
Nemuno Sakata
The Yamanba who Surpasses This Floating World's Barriers
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Creating sanctuaries


Youkai Mountain

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"Oh, sorry about that. I'm Marisa the magician. I'm not sure why, but it seems like the season around this one area has turned into autumn?"
"I don't know nothin' 'bout that. More importantly, you should git outta here. If you stick around here any longer, I'll slice you open an' sun-dry you!"
Marisa Kirisame and Nemuno Sakata (Hidden Star in Four Seasons Stage 2.)

Nemuno Sakata (坂田 ネムノ Sakata Nemuno) is a yamanba who lives alone on the Youkai Mountain.

General Information

Nemuno appeared as the Stage 2 midboss and Boss in Hidden Star in Four Seasons.


Nemuno Sakata is a reclusive youkai who lives independently on Youkai Mountain. She has no interest in the world at large. Her way of living is very primitive, even by Gensokyo’s standards. She doesn't like trespassers and will attempt to drive away any intruder she comes across, be it human or youkai. [1] This treatment is harsher with tengus, as they signed a non aggression treatment which says tengu need to leave her alone in her territory [2]

However, she does have a benevolent side to her. She likes strong people. In Hidden Star in Four Seasons, she became more negotiable after fighting the protagonist. In Reimu’s scenario in particular, Nemuno tries to invite Reimu for some tea.


Ability to create sanctuaries

She has the ability to create sanctuaries, the exact meaning of this is unknown.

Character Design


Her full name is Nemuno Sakata (坂田 ネムノ). The characters for Sakata (坂田) are spelled with saka () "hill, incline, slope", and ta () "rice field". Her surname Sakata (坂田) is a reference to Sakata no Kintoki (坂田 金時) a child of superhuman strength who was raised by a Yamanba. He was first known as Kintarō (金太郎 lit. Golden boy) but after catching Shuten-dōji he became a loyal follower of Minamoto no Yorimitsu and changed his name to Sakata no Kintoki (坂田金時).

Her first name Nemuno (ネムノ) may refer to the Albizia julibrissin (known as "nemunoki" (ネムノキ lit. "sleeping tree") in Japanese).


Nemuno has red eyes and wavy waist-length grey hair that falls down naturally in a somewhat ragged fashion. She wears blue detatched sleeves and a knee-length three colored dress, resembling a one-shoulder tunic, that wraps over her left shoulder yet still leaves both shoulders bare. Her dress has three color regions - yellow/gold on top, orange in the middle, and red on the bottom, all divided in a nonparallel manner by ragged white trim. The bottom is perforated with two and a half staggered rings of diamond-shaped holes and her detached sleeves bear a similar design. Nemuno wields a giant cleaver with a red bow at the front of the handle. She does not wear any footwear.



Hidden Star in Four Seasons
Nemuno's sprite in HSiFS

Nemuno attacks the protagonist, who has reached a secluded area on Youkai Mountain. Nemuno is confused as to why an outsider would enter this place, but attacks in order to protect her territory. She is defeated shortly after.


100th Black Market

In 100th Black Market, Nemuno appears as the one of the 1st market bosses. Her ability card, a kitchen knife hacking, can be acquired.


Due to Nemuno's solitary nature, it is unknown if she possesses any relationship with the people of Gensokyo (other than vaguely speaking with the protagonists in HSiFS), however it can be assumed that she is the most isolated from the residents of Gensokyo.




Spell Cards

Spell Cards
Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 10
雨符「囚われの秋雨」 Rain Sign "Imprisoning Autumn Rain" HSiFS St. 2: E/N
雨符「呪われた柴榑雨」 Rain Sign "Cursed Torrential Rain" HSiFS St. 2: H/L
刃符「山姥の包丁研ぎ」 Blade Sign "Yamanba's Kitchen Knife Sharpening" HSiFS St. 2: E/N
刃符「山姥の鬼包丁研ぎ」 Blade Sign "Yamanba's Oni Kitchen Knife Sharpening" HSiFS St. 2: H/L
尽符「マウンテンマーダー」 Blade Exhaustion Sign "Mountain Murder" HSiFS St. 2: E/N
尽符「ブラッディマウンテンマーダー」 Blade Exhaustion Sign "Bloody Mountain Murder" HSiFS St. 2: H/L
研符「狂い輝く鬼包丁」 Sharpen Sign "Madly Glinting Oni Kitchen Knife" VD Thursday - 2
殺符「窮僻の山姥」 Murder Sign "Deeply-Secluded Yamanba" VD Thursday - 3
夢尽「殺人鬼の懐」 Dream Blade Exhaustion "Demonic Killer's Retreat" VD
Wrong Sunday - 6
包丁「刃こぼれするまで切り刻め」 Kitchen Knife "Mince Up Till Your Blade Chips" 100BM 1st Market

Additional Information

  • Like Mystia Lorelei, Nemuno is one of the few characters that immediately starts the end-of-stage boss battle after the mid-boss fight.
  • Nemuno refers to herself with uchi (うち), a Japanese first-person pronoun used mainly by women in Kansai-ben and Kyushu dialect.


Official Profiles

Hidden Star in Four Seasons trial - omake.txt
name   ○2面ボス  浮世の関を超える山姥

  坂田 ネムノ
  Sakata Nemuno





Stage 2 Boss: The Yamanba who Surpasses This Floating World's Barriers

Nemuno Sakata

Species: Yamanba
Ability: Capable of creating sanctuaries

A youkai who lives on the Youkai Mountain.
Yamanba are a species that enjoy acting independently, without forming groups or societies.
They barely ever interact with fellow members of their species; on the other hand, they're known to interact with other species.
However, it's always a business-like kind of interaction.

They're completely the opposite of the society-loving tengu. It seems that they form nonaggression treaties with other species and live on their own.
In the Human Village, it's generally assumed that people who go missing in the mountains were dealt with somehow by a yamanba.
But in reality, it seems that they often send lost adults back with a warning, and take custody of lost children, who they raise into upstanding human beings. The reason for this is unknown.

Nemuno herself, likewise, has no interest in the world at large. She's primitive even by Gensokyo's standards, and there's hardly any information on her.

Official Sources

Official sources


  1. Hidden Star in Four Seasons - Nemuno's Profile
  2. Hidden Star in Four Seasons - "You're not s'posed t' be here. We made an agreement." "So that's your way of doin' things, huh? Decidin' all by yourselves to scrap our non-aggression treaty?" (Aya's Scenario)