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nʲiko̞ nʲiko̞ do̞ːŋä,
nʲiko̞ nʲiko̞ do̞ːɣä(General pronunciation)

Niconico Douga,Nicovideo,Nico-dō
Created by Niwango
Years active


No. of Installments


Official websites

Niconico(means "smile") is a japanese video sharing website managed by Dwango and Niwango.

General Information

This site is mainly uploaded a lot of Japanese subculture videos and Touhou is the central content of that so called Niconico-Gosanke(ニコニコ御三家,Gosanke means "three major contents". the other are "the Idol Master" and "Vocaloid".)
Touhou videos are viewed by millions of users. For example, "Bad apple!!" is the most viewed video in niconico, counting in at around 30.3 million views as of November 3rd, 2023