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Nintendo Entertainment System

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The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES for short), or in Japan the Family Computer (ファミリーコンピュータ Famirī Konpyūta) (Famicom (ファミコン Famikon) for short) is a video game console that was released in Japan and Western countries in the 1980s by Nintendo. It was the best selling console of its time, and almost single-handedly ended the 1983 North American video game crash. Nowadays, an emulator can be used to play FC/NES games on different systems, such as PCs and newer Nintendo consoles using Virtual Console.

Relation to the Touhou fanbase

The fanbase of the Touhou Project has spawned many 8-bit NES-style creations, including graphics, music, and animation. This is expected as the NES is nostalgic to many people and has a lot of influence. Many re-arrangements and covers of Touhou music, made using the NES' 8-bit sound hardware, can be found on YouTube and Niconico, while 8-bit graphics can found on popular image-hosting websites, such as Pixiv and DeviantArt. Albums that aim to re-arrange ZUN's music in 8-bit, such as 矩形波幻奏 and MEGA ZUN, exist; and the fangame Touhou Komakyou attempts to look, sound, and feel like a NES game altogether.

DASTARD has modified many original NES titles and changed them into Touhou-themed games. Their IPS (Internal Patching System) files can be downloaded here. The Alstroemeria Records version of "Bad Apple!!" has also been re-made into an actual .NES ROM file, which can be downloaded here.

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