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SoEW 2nd Stage Midboss
Sprite of Noroiko in Story of Eastern Wonderland


Official Games

Noroiko (呪い子) is a humanoid of some kind that seems to be cursed and is the stage 2 midboss of Story of Eastern Wonderland. She attacked Reimu Hakurei and Genjii after they've flown passed some crows and Evil Eyes as they approached her. She shoots only one type of bullet that vaguely homes towards Reimu; her white bullets are the kanji character Noroi (, lit. "Curse"). With having no dialogue with Reimu, there is nothing known about her.

Background Information

The name Noroiko (呪い子) is unofficial and is was taken from the Japanese fanbase, who notably uses the name to refer to this character. The "Noroi" (呪い) means "Cursed", referencing the kanji bullets she shoots, while "ko" () is a common general-purpose suffix in Japanese female names that literally means "child". There is also the western name "Kuroko" (黒子) which suppose to mean "Black Child", but has proved to not be as popular since the character hasn't got any form black. It may also be referred to as the "SoEW 2nd Stage Midboss" (封魔録二面中ボス).

Her sprite shows that she has short, dark red hair tied with a red bow. She seems to wear a purple skirt and a purple shirt with white long sleeves. There is a jagged, red design along the hem of her dress and there appear to be some aura around her. Her design somewhat resembles Marisa Kirisame when she had red hair, and also Kotohime.


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