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Nyūdō (入道) is a Japanese term for

  • literally "entering the road".
  • Monk (a person who entered the road to Buddha).
  • Bald headed person like Buddhist monk.
  • youkai that has bald head or Buddhist monk's shape. (example: ōnyūdō, mikoshi-nyūdō, wanyūdō)

Nyuudou in Touhou

Unzan is said by Akyuu to be a foreseeing-type nyuudou. Originally monks who were unable to see anything but their own feet, they hang their heads and hide their face, which you can't tell has grown large. Finally, when they raise their head, they decapitate you. However, they can be defeated by shouting, "The foreseeing nyuudou was foreseen!" which repels them.

Ichirin was originally thought to be a type of nyuudou, as well.

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