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Oarfish (竜宮の遣い, ryūgūnotsukai) are a group of scaleless bony fish within the family Regalecidae. Due to the depths of which this fish lives, oarfish are rarely seen but do wash up on beaches as dead carcasses. Explained in science, it is possible that oarfish are the first victims from the effects of a pre-earthquake causing it to surface in a dead state before it hits the land.

In folklore these fish are known as the messenger of the Dragon Palace (龍宮, ryūgū). Whenever these fish are caught in nets or washed up dead on beaches, it is said that earthquakes will occur.

Oarfish in Touhou

The oarfish is familiar in terms of basic knowledge with the experienced residents of Gensokyo and the ones that lived in the outside world at some point. Because oceans are not present in Gensokyo, it can be assumed that oarfish are not found wild in its animal form.

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