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The Touhou Project has spawned various lines of official goods over the years. Companies such as Good Smile Company have received ZUN's permission to commercially manufacture and sell things like figures of the Touhou characters.

Good Smile Company[edit]

Good Smile Company, Inc. is the manufacturer of the popular "Nendoroid" series of deformed-style, posable figurines, as well as their line of "figma" figures.

Griffon Enterprises[edit]

Griffon Enterprises has created dozens of Touhou figures, and has even recreated them with alternate colors taken from the games. Their Touhou series of figures is currently in its tenth "season".

Touhou Shisouroku[edit]

Touhou Shisouroku is a Touhou-themed deck-building card game based on the popular game Dominion. It is licensed by both Rio Grande Games and Team Shanghai Alice.

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